The True Meaning Of Career Management

Many people have misconceptions about career management. Most of them feel that once they get a job their career management will go up. In reality career management begins only after you start working.

Executive Career Management is a continuous process, it never ends. Let us clear your doubt about this type of management:-

  • Most people feel that only skill candidates will get selected, but with the proper career management and limited qualifications, you can convince the employer that you are the most suitable candidate for the job.
  • Others feel that, as they already have a job, they need not work anymore at their careers. A change is always necessary; you need “Perpetual Career Management” to enhance your career growth.
  • Education is an ocean of knowledge, it has no shows, and you always need to pursue certifications as there is no job that is entirely secured. Thus you must be fully responsible for the future prospect of your chosen career.

How Does Career Management Affect Graduate

Organization in the US and developed countries tend to employ only the best university graduate. They are still doubtful whether they should invest in the career management or they should promote self management.

Redundancy is a problem faced by graduates, who after employment do not engaged in self management to promote their career, which is very important in shaping the responses to career development practices.

Self management has to be controlled by the individual concerned, he should be armed with certain plans and information in the future to make decisions in solving problems which may hinder the progress of his career.

Career development comprises of continuously improving the present conditions at your work place and preparing yourself for a change, where as career self management and organizational career management are not restricted and can actually help to promote each other.

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