Why Military Clothing Is So Popular

Reinventing old styles to create a new fashion style is one of the best things about vintage clothing. Wearing old clothes in an entirely different fashion context is a way of making a unique statement. Wearing vintage clothes is a way to pay homage to the old style, while keeping in mind the aesthetics of the present.

Vintage clothing enthusiasts love military fashion because of the sense of political nostalgia that they give. Certain military uniforms just remind people of their history. Wearing vintage military clothing also makes people feel like they are playing a role. Soldiers are very courageous men, and wearing old uniforms can definitely inspire people to have courage that only soldiers have.

Military fashion is also very functional. Most military uniforms are very durable, and they are tailor made to function effectively in all sorts of conditions. One of the best reasons why people love wearing military clothes is that they can be worn comfortably all day, not to mention that they add style to the rest of the ensemble.

Combat pants and military jackets are commonly worn by vintage fashion enthusiasts because they are very comfortable and they can be worn to match with almost anything like any street and urban outfits. Many people are seen wearing camouflage jacket in the streets on a regular basis. Their popularity can also be attributed to the fact that they are very common in charity stores and other vintage and specialty shops.

The military shirt, although also commonly found in vintage military stores, require clever styling because it does not always match with regular street clothes. But when used wisely with other clothes, military shirts can be a great fashion asset because the resulting styles, most often than not, are very unique.

Two of the most stylish items when it comes to military fashion are the trench coat and the wax jacket. These items work really well with any kind of outfit. They are extremely functional especially in the cold months because they have been made to last in the worst of weather conditions. They also look very elegant and depending on their condition, they can be highly sought items in the vintage market. Trench coats made of leather, for example, when maintained in good condition can be valued for a lot of money. When leather trench coats are maintained well, they can be the best vintage fashion items in any body’s closet.

For more information read this guide to vintage military clothing

Modern Military Shirts

The modern battleground requirements are different from the requirements that were mandatory in world war one or even world war two. The requirements have greatly changed and it is for this reason that Invista from Delaware and Atlanco from Atlanta have come together to produce modern combat clothes in a high tech venture. They have come up with the Tru-Spec TRU combat shirt that features a cordura layer and sleeves that have been made from the traditional and more common rip stop fabric that has been in use for several years in the manufacture of army and combat clothing. The rip stop fabric is also commonly found among the police and other law enforcers.

The defining factor of the Tru-Spec TRU clothing is the cordura base layer. It is wholly based on a current military shirt design that is currently undergoing tests by air crews in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is has been classified as a tactical response combat clothing that has been designed to worn under protective vests and the body armor. The secret behind its protective qualities is the fact that it is has been constructed with a base layer fabric that has a no melt/no drip cordura layer. It has a special blend of cotton and nylon in the ratio of 60:40. This ensures that it does not melt when exposed to extremely high temperatures. It only gets charred which significantly reduces the severity of burns in case they occur. The current Nomex apparels in use are uncomfortable and heavier which makes the cordura base fabric more suited for use among flight crews.

This fabric has also been found to be abrasion resistant as well as being extremely durable. It also has exceptional qualities that ensure efficient moisture management. The army shirts currently in use address several problems which have plagued the combat soldier since the days of world war one. To begin with, the combat attire is extremely practical. The lower pockets and the uniform chest have been done away with. These pockets cannot be accessed once the armor has been worn. They form unnecessary bulk under the armor.

The pockets have been moved to the sleeves instead of being located on the main nody. They can be easily accessed while on the sleeves. The current ACU or BDU tops are excessively bulky and they tend to have the soldiers and the agents all sweaty and uncomfortable. The TRU shirt on the other hand has been made from the cordura fabric which is extremely breathable as well as being lightweight.

What Makes a Full Tang Knife Better?

Full tang knives are regarded as better because they are much stronger and hard to break. Full tang blades can be traced back hundreds of years. When the blade of a sword or knife is referred to as full tang it simply means the piece of metal that makes the blade continues through the full length of the handle. The handles are usually riveted to the bottom part of the blade. This design is incredibly strong and has been perfected over many years. Today this method is used to make some of the best high quality hunting knives ever made. Some of the modern knives now use plastic molded to the tang instead of riveted this is how the military tactical knife is made.

You can usually spot a full tang knife as the back of the knife runs visibly down the handle. Sometimes the tang has a ball of metal at the end of the handle. This feature comes from swords allowing them to be used as a blunt force weapon as well. This feature is still seen today in some hunting and diving knives. The modern use is still the same they are striking weapons but are used to kill fish and game not people!

There are other types of tang design that you will see when looking for a new hunting knife. The half tang is quite common this type of design is not as strong as the full tang. The half tang only comes about half way down the handle. This type of blade is cheaper because less metal is used in construction. Half tang knives are still good at their job but if you are really going to be relying on the knife regularly then go for the full tang. There is another design called the stub tang this is only use in low quality knives and should be avoided as they break easily. A stub tang only has about an inch of metal in the handle. The only real use for this is cheap cutlery not any type of knife for forceful cutting.

As you can see is a lot of benefits to purchasing a full tang knife.

Your Local Army Shop

Federal Army and Navy Surplus (Alaska outfitte...
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If you’re like me, you like to do your shopping online.  It’s easy, convenient, and less time consuming.  You can also compare prices between many different websites to find the hottest deals.  But online shopping has its downfalls as well.  Buying clothing and shoes online makes it difficult to find the best fit because trying them on is not possible.  Other items you just need to handle yourself to determine if it’s what you want and need.

Most towns have an army navy shop which sells many items of military surplus.  Nearby I have a store called ‘Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Surplus.’  This store has everything a good army surplus shop should have.  If I need camo for hunting or paintballing, they’ve got a great selection of styles and sizes.  They have different sizes of military surplus ammunition cans.  Tactical vests, gear duffle bags, molle pouches, weapons accessories, slings, optics, camping tents and gear, camping chairs, military cots and other outdoor items are easily attainable at your local army shop.  They are not only available with great selection but the prices are hard to beat anywhere else, even online.  One thing to note however:  a lot of the items have been previously used, hence the phrase ‘military surplus.’  If you have a question about the used status of an item, ask the helpful sales staff.  Items such as cots and ammo cans may have been used, but camelbacks, eating utensils etc. are usually factory new.

I would encourage a visit to your local army navy shop.  If nothing else, browsing their onsite merchandise can provide great ideas for items to add to your survival preparations.  Their prices are hard to beat, and being able to acquire the item immediately beats online orders and shipping prices.  Happy shopping

Here are some online surplus sites to get you started.  Compare the prices with your local army shop.  cheaperthandirt.com  uscav.com

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