Wilderness is New Zealand’s Most Trusted Campervan Rental Business

Wilderness motorhomes are regionally recognized as being the most trusted travel and outdoors purveyor. Don’t just take our word for it – our customer reviews have earned us the esteemed Supreme Award of the Traveller Voted Awards for two of the past three years. Read what our commenters have said about their experience with Wilderness on the Rankers website.

There are many reasons why, if you are looking to rent a campervan hire new zealand based Wilderness is a great idea. We rent top notch vehicles at reasonable prices, because we understand that not everyone wants to, or can, pay top dollar for a campervan. Auckland Motor homes can be very expensive, but we have found a way to provide you with quality at a sensible price: we take vehicles six years old or younger, refurbish them, and then maintain them meticulously for our clients. Brand new motorhomes are available, too, including the European-designed and built Ixeo, which is known for its comfort and style.

Regardless of the model you rent, all of our campervans and motorhomes run on diesel, which in New Zealand is about forty percent less expensive than gasoline. Our campervans and motorhomes come with all the auxiliaries that most rental companies either won’t bother with or will charge you exorbitant extras for, like dual air bags, solar panels and high-charging batteries. There are also extras like water storage, DVD players, and freedom camping certification that many people consider to be fundamental parts of their outdoors experience.

It does not matter if you like your excursions rugged or pampered. Regardless of what you choose, we are the experts on touring wild New Zealand, and our team knows everything about campervan rentals in the region. Our team members live and breathe the outdoors. When we aren’t hard at work helping to shape your holiday into something special, we are testing our products on our own holidays. We know what works, and what doesn’t, from consistent personal experience. We have made the mistakes and enjoyed the pleasures of New Zealand road trips and wilderness excursions, and so our firsthand knowledge is unbeatable. We supply you with advice, guide books, and the tools you need to enjoy your holiday as much as we enjoy ours!

This is in part thanks to our moderately-sized company, which is big enough to provide you with a variety of campervan options, but small enough to still care about the quality of your trip.

3 Must Have Items For Camping With Children

Whether you are spending a week camping in a state park or just an overnight camping trip close to home, camping can be an adventure when you bring children. Children love to explore the outdoors, but it is important to be prepared for the unexpected when camping with children. Preparing for rainy days, planning simple meals, and making sure you have a first aid kit will make the difference between a relaxing vacation and wishing you had stayed home.

Children tend to get bored when faced with staying inside on a rainy day and unfortunately, rainy days can happen on camping trips. One idea to combat the boredom is to bring a variety of activities that can be done in the tent. To create this “rainy day box”, buy a variety of small toys that can fit into a shoebox sized container. These items could be small figurines, play dough, or coloring books and crayons. It is important to consider the age of the child and his or her interests. If you do bring something that is potentially messy, like play dough, add a plastic tablecloth to the box. The tablecloth can be used to protect the floor of the tent as the children play.

Another thing to bring on a camping trip with children is easy to prepare meals. When children are along on a camping trip, the parent is invariably preoccupied with what their children are doing or helping them with an activity. Packing simple meals allows more time to be spent enjoying your vacation and the time with your family. Some easy meals could be hot dogs, sandwiches, or premade pasta salads.

Camping is a great experience for all ages, but injuries can occur. Children can trip over a tree root and scrape their knees, get a fishing hook caught in their finger, or walk into a patch of poison ivy. For this fact, a first aid kit is an important item to bring on a camping trip. Before you leave home, make sure you stock the kit with items such as Band-Aids, calamine lotion, and antibiotic cream. Having the necessary supplies at your fingertips will help you quickly mend an injury so your child can be back on their feet, exploring your campsite.

While there are many things that can be brought with on a camping trip, these three items are essential for a vacation with children. Planning your meals to be simple and kid-friendly, packing boredom busters, and bringing first aid supplies will make your camping trip with children enjoyable.

Author Bio: Natalie Butler is a freelance writer who authors on behalf of Canal Stree Hotels who provide individuals an easy way to find great discounts on hotels. Click here to visit their site and learn more regarding their hotel booking solutions.

Benefitting From A Solar Powered Radio

Ambient Weather WR-111 Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Digital Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger with NOAA Certified Weather Alert & Cables

A solar powered radio is one of the most helpful tools that you can have at your disposal. These units go great as a part of any emergency or survival kit, whether you are stocking your home with supplies or are going hiking.

Should any kind of disaster situation occur, you are going to want to be able to talk to people. Communication is vital, and the instructions from official sources you pick up will be essential to keep you and your family safe.

Likewise, being out in the wilderness and being stranded or injured facilitates the need to call for help. Solar powered radios are able to achieve these ends by being a compact and easily portable device that essentially can run forever.

The prime benefit to using solar panels is that they passively recharge from an unlimited power source. The sun provides more energy in a single day than the entire earth could use at once, so charging a small unit like this is no problem at all.

The ability to recharge from the sun is a very useful one indeed. When you are facing a situation where you need to be able to use a radio consistently and your safety depends on it, you do not want to have to rely on batteries.

Batteries work, but they run out of charge easily. They also are vulnerable to corrosion and do have an expiration date on them.

What’s more, not everyone keeps spares around. In fact, anyone who had ever run out of battery on their phone or music player can readily attest that battery runs out when you least expect it, and recharging via an outlet is not always an option.

Running out of batteries in an emergency situation would be a dangerous scenario to be in. Luckily for anyone concerned, the solar powered radio is a great example of good engineering which can be recharged whenever there is daylight.

What’s more, the amount of power stored in a solar cell is enough to power a radio for a long amount of time, giving more mileage as people are using the product. When it all comes down to it, this is a survival necessity no matter what situation you are in.

Not only can people use the equipment to listen for official broadcasts and orders in case of emergency, but they can also use the equipment to communicate with others. Should there be injuries or obstacles to getting to safety, such abilities can be truly lifesaving in nature.

This is an investment in emergency equipment that is well worth it all in nature. The funds that you spend getting a good and reliable unit are not even going to matter compared to the assurances of safety and security that you will have.

Solar power is one of the most clean and efficient sources of renewable energy that we have. Even in the small scale it is highly useful, not to mention possibly lifesaving.

Enjoying The Portable Hammock

A portable hammock is very similar to a sofa or couch. It is made of a fabric which has two ends which may be hanged on a tree, a rod or a very strong pole. The inventors of this hammock were the natives due to their way of life that involves moving from place to place. But credit is given to Christopher Columbus who showed it to the world. He discovered it during his travels when he m et a Haitian tribe who were using this hammock for relaxation.

With time the portable hammock became very popular. This is because it is very flexible and comfortable.  It is of benefit to everyone and very convenient because in can be transformed to a compact object from a decorative ornament. It has also undergone reinvention so as to achieve better satisfaction.  It is one of the oldest pieces of furniture that still exists today.

Many individuals like it because it is very cheap and can be stored easily when not being used. Depending on what it is made of its maintenance is very easy. Hammocks at first were made using plant fibers. Then other types of materials like woven cotton were used. But the people’s choice was the net, it was made of intertwined ropes, because it is easy to maintain in good condition. Its design also allows for the preferred temperature

They are used when camping, when going to the beach, in yachts, in gardens, in the gazebo because it is light weight and manageable. There are a number of sizes like single, double, matrimonial, and king sizes. You may get portable hammocks for sale online. The hammock is mainly for relaxing comfortably with closed eyes on a fabric that fits your body while suspended in the air far from the ground, swinging and enjoying yourself. Why use up your money on unaffordable luxuries when there is a cheap product that gives similar satisfaction with additional advantages?

Protecting Valuables With A Waterproof Backpack

Backpacking and mountain climbing are fun-filled activities that individuals indulge in frequently. Regardless of whether the weather is just not so great, these fun-based activities will always be exhilarating. Getting a waterproof backpack is the perfect remedy to keep equipment safe from extreme weather conditions. You should remember the fact that water-proof and water resistant are two different things. Working with something which resists rainwater is advisable but it doesn’t realistically shield the gear which is being transported. An illustration of this may be equipment dropping into a stream on a hiking venture. A water-resistant bag will not give protection to the items the second it is submerged deep under water.

Anybody who is skilled with outdoor camping will advise using a backpack that is fully waterproof. Any sort of fabric that’s water resistant rather than water-proof will never protect supplies from moisture. Regardless what claims are produced ample protection is not really provided by ordinary water resistant materials. This is the reason the waterproof backpack comes through on every occasion. It truly is safe to say that a waterproof backpack can successfully save peoples lives. Individuals end up stranded all around the world every single day.

Anybody who is stuck while in the woods needs all their supplies to keep them well. Consider trying to make a meal to consume utilizing match sticks that happen to be no good because they were in contact with moisture. A person that does not possess a waterproof bag may have trouble surviving if their gear is drenched and wrecked. This is exactly why there’s definitely an enormously huge difference regarding water-proof and water-resistant. Well before investing in a modern waterproof backpack make sure you find out exactly what fibers the back pack is produced with.

Backpacks that happen to be sprayed with polyurethane will tolerate water better. This specific coating cannot make the backpack waterproof but quite simply makes it possible for it to resist water. Polyester and Nylon combinations have always been what really make a bag waterproof. Nylon and polyester are very reliable fabrics used in waterproof backpacks and also other kinds of items. These great fabrics use a special weave which often prevents ripping and tearing. People love these kind of materials simply because they’re for sale in so many totally different colors and styles.

While looking for a waterproof backpack it is advisable to always make sure there is no seam weld technology involved. This type of engineering tends to make it so a back pack is no longer waterproof even in the event it implements waterproof components. Keep an eye out for this particular technology because you will not need it with the waterproof backpack. Anybody working in sales or retail would possibly try to say that waterproof and water resistant are the same thing.

Do not believe this as it’s obviously not accurate and it’s used in order to make a sale. Way too frequently folks are confronted by a bag jam packed with ruined electronics or survival equipment. Anyone who is an avid hiker should recognize that survival equipment is always a part of the expedition. This is actually the reason why it is so imperative to obtain a backpack that is waterproof and not water-resistant. Utilizing a backpack that’s water-proof a person could literally walk through a waterfall without being stressed a bit. With modern technology continuously changing and becoming small and a lot more steeply-priced it might seem sensible to need to defend it from violent weather conditions endured while trekking.

Foods To Take Camping With You

Camping is a fun thing to do. You can go alone or you can go with your family and friends. However you are going to do it, you are going to need to eat. Now, you might be the avid camper, but for those of you who are not the avid camper here you can read about the things you should pack along with your tent, raised airbed and bug spray, so that you have something to eat.

Now, when we think about camping, we think about the fire that you will be using to do your cooking on. When you have this, you think of the typical things. Well, at least we do. We think about eating hot dogs. We think about baked potatoes which are just two of the many things that you might consider. Another thing which you might think about though would be something sweet to eat. If you are a chocolate fan, then you are sure to love this. What we are referring to are called S’mores. With these, you will need graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows.

Due to the fact that many of you will be limited in the space where you keep things cool, there are other things you should pack. When you go camping, it is highly recommended that you bring canned food and a can opener which will help you no matter what meal you are planning and they won’t go bad.

If you have money and we do mean quite a bit of money for camping, then you might go with dehydrated meals. The thing with these is that you just have to add water, but they are not cheap by any means. That would be one type of food you can take. However, when you go camping there are other things that you can bring with you.

One thing we take when we go camping is vegetables. There are many meals that you can piece together when you are camping that include these. You can take meat with you, but when you put it in the cooler; you should make sure that it is frozen. That will help you to keep it from spoiling. The last thing that comes to mind is what you are going to eat in the mornings. One of the best things to eat for breakfast when camping is either camping pancakes or oatmeal even as those are easy to make. These are just a few ideas of the foods you need when you go camping.

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