Photography Since The 70’s

I had a job repairing cameras back in the 1970’s. It sure was a different world back then…one full of things called CB radios and 8-track tapes. Electronics was just starting to become available on the single lens reflex camera and most of the parts of a camera were still mechanical in nature. We sure have come a along way since then. Electronics has taken the world by storm you could say, and the area of photography is really no exception. We will be examining this area in this particular posting.

Back when I used to repair cameras the to “big daddies” on the block were Canon and of course Nikon. They pretty much cornered the market when it came to world of the professional SLR’s. If happened to see a professional photographer running around they more often than not had a Nikon or a Canon camera (and the big bag full of lenses and accessories).

Since then electronics has worked its way into almost every area of photography. Metal eventually gave way to fiber compass bodies and those manual focus lenses have given away to those with an autofocus. Even the humble flash unit has been given a make over with electronics.

If you are truly interested in getting a great camera loaded with all kinds of electronic stuff you might want to consider the canon powershot g12 or perhaps even the nikon 3100 models. Both of these cameras are quality products that will serve you well over the years. If you would like more information about these two particular cameras why not go over to our website…we deal with reviews on all sorts of cameras (and flashes and lenses) as stuff like that.

Electronics has sure taken the world by storm in recent years, and you just need to do is take a look at your local selection of camera models on the photographic market today.

Photography – A Hobby For Everyone

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies today. It can be attributed to the popularity of digital cameras and its competitive prices, or that the visual arts is slowly but surely becoming an interesting field for most people.

Whatever the reason behind getting into photography, what is important is that people are gaining interest in such activity. Photography is something that most people can come across with, even in the most random of times. Family gatherings, special occasions, anniversaries, team building, company-sponsored tripsthese moments are best preserved with the use of a camera. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a know-how in using such gadget, better if the technicalities are clear so that it can be applied to real-life situations.

Having an in-depth understanding of how cameras work and what aperture, shutter speed and ISO work hand in hand will definitely yield crisp and stunning results. Improving in this craft further can turn this hobby into something that can generate income.

For those who want to make a living out of photography, educating oneself is needed to have an edge and develop style. Reading books on composition and framing, knowing what the specifications mean and having Photoshop skills is needed, among other important things a photographer must know.

One must also know how to make a photography portfolio, which is a compilation of your best works. This shall serve as the book showed to prospective clients and will be the basis whether your style is suited to their needs. Engaging in pro bono shoots and contributing in papers can help you start with a photography portfolio.

As with most things, continuous learning is needed in photography. A website which can greatly help one to understand the concepts and the industry in general is It is a very good, informative site for hobbyists, enthusiasts and even professionals.

The author has more information on getting a at their website.

Turn Your Candle Making Crafts Into A Business

If you are currently making some nice candles as a hobby, you can turn your candle making crafts into a home business.  You already have the hardest part of the business down, as making great candles takes some time to master.  All you need to to is build up a little operating budget for your candle making supplies and you will be on your way.  Here are some of my top tips on how to get started:

1.  Do a production run with small sized candles —  This is the best way to ease your way into a candle making business.  You can make a few dozen small sized jar candles and get your process down very well.  You do not need to make very large candles to start with.   You need to get your process under control with small candles so your material waste will be minimal.

2.  Make scented candles if at all possible —  If you can learn to make scented candles, you should do this.  Scented candles are more popular than standard candles, so you can charge a premium for them.  Make a few fragrances like vanilla, cinnamon and lavender.  These scents will sell for you very easily, and you can get your business going from there.

3.  Give samples to your friends and take orders from there —  Once you get your samples going, give them away to your friends and associates.  Ask these people to burn the candles and give you some feedback.  You will get a lot of good input this way, as giving them away for free will cause your friends to burn the candles and help you out.  Take orders from the people that love your candles, and make these candles to order.

I hope you are able to see how you can start a small candle making business without having to put a huge amount of effort and cash into it.  You will make some extra spending money doing what you love to do, so it just makes a lot of sense to head down this path.  Good luck with your candle business!

Exciting Craft Projects

Michaels has it all for you. Walking you all the way through a project to completion is what they know how to do best. Innovative and fun projects are available online to everyone. You can take advantage of Michaels Interactive Ad that includes project ideas, videos and of course, Michaels coupons. Each week there are new coupons, helping you to take advantage of their already low prices. Incredible savings help make all your decorating and crafting ideas affordable. Videos walk you through each step and give you new ideas.

The weekly projects will coincide with their coupon discounts. For example, the ribbon flower flip flops.  Don’t know what to do with a plain pair of flip flops? No need to worry, Michaels gives you a material list and easy instructions to create an exciting pair for your summer wear. Easily completed in less than an hour, you can even give these flip flops as gifts for your daughter’s birthday party. Make some in various sizes and different color ribbons and watch everyone be impressed by your creative flair. What a way to start the summer off with pretty feet for everyone.

If you are looking for an outdoor patio table idea, try their mosaic table top. This is perfect for a covered patio and will be a conversation piece all summer long. Easy, step-by-step instructions will help you create a beautiful table and even the most timid will be assured along the way. Even if you have never tried your hand at tiling, you will be impressed with your own progress in this project.

These and many other projects are accessible to you. So, why wait any longer, subscribe online easily and start creating with Michaels craft coupons. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before.

Arts And Crafts Supplies: Fun For Everybody

Making something out of the available arts and crafts supplies at home is a great source of fun and enjoyment for both the children and adults in the house. It is not only a great way to spend time together but also an excellent way to give a free run to the creative side of the mind.

For adults a handy supply of arts and craft means they can make suitable use of the free time in their hands. There are many examples available in the modern day world wherein people have made big businesses out of small hobbies, which started at home. Even if you do not have a very creative bent of mind you can still dabble with the supplies to make or paint. It is great way to reduce stress and relax.

Children love using various arts and crafts supplies as they give them the chance to let their imagination run wild. Many experts claim that involvement in arts and crafts at an early age is beneficial for a child’s overall development. Schools have dedicated periods for various arts and crafts just to encourage a child to explore his/her artistic side.

There are many advantages of having arts and crafts supplies handy  at your home. You can use them to keep the children busy during summers and rains when they cannot go out. This will help you avoid restlessness in children. You can also use theses supplies in school projects to give them a decorative touch. Use the supplies in parties for small games to keep the guests entertained.

However to get full benefit of arts and crafts supplies it is important that you buy from a quality vendor only. You can purchase these supplies online also. Online you will find a wide variety of choices, which may not be available in the local store. Keep your supplies neatly organised so that you can lay a hand of them whenever needed.

Singer Talent Sewing Machine – Excellent For Beginners

Summer is approaching and now is the time to purchase a sewing machine and make some funny summer fashions.  It is so easy to sew a simple cotton skirt or sundress.  If you are new to sewing there are several options when looking for a sewing machine for beginners.  If you are a expert seamstress then you already know the wonders of making your own clothes, clothes for friends and family, as well as, beautiful household décor items.

If you are looking for sewing machines for sale, then you might want to consider the SINGER 3323S Talent sewing machine.  This sewing machine is the perfect machine for budding seamstresses.  The Singer Talent features easy threading, top drop-in bobbin and an automatic needle threader.  The set-up for this sewing machine is simple and frustration free.  Other great features include 23 stitch patterns, 1-step buttonhole fully automatic, adjustable stitch width and length. There are variable needle positions which make clothing construction and other creative fun and easy.

This Singer Talent sewing machine also comes with four bonus fashion accessories – an Even Feed Foot, a Gathering Foot, a Side Cutter for professional seams and a Darning and Embroidery Foot for free motion sewing.

As for  Singer sewing machines for beginners the Singer Talent sewing machine is perfect or for someone who just wants a basic sewing machine.  Which means it does most sewing tasks or is great for someone who does not have the budget for a more advanced machine. The Singer Talent is a mechanical machine, meaning you change stitches – say, from straight to zigzag or stretch stitch – via a mechanical knob, not electronically. There is no LCD screen, no touch pad, and no ability to do embroidery. The good news is that this kind of machine tends to be very rugged; no chips to burn out or LCD to go blank. This machine, given good care, should last for years and deliver a lot of sewing power.