Real Avid Gun Tool Review – Sturdy And Handy Tool


Real Avid The Gun Tool Boxed (Silver/Black)When I set out to review the Real Avid Gun Tool, I wasn’t initially very excited about the product. From online images, it seemed like it was a small tool that didn’t have the sturdiness I need when gunsmithing. When I opened the package, I was a little stunned by the multi-tool that I held in my hands. Below, I’ll tell you what I liked, what I disliked, and my overall impression of the tool. But first, lets look at the specifications.

Gun Tool Specifications

The Real Avid Gun Tool boasts an entire shooter’s tool box in one frame that fits in the palm of your hand. Here is what’s included:

  • steel pin punch with round tip
  • scope adjustment blade with a curved contour
  • choke tube wrench for the following gauges: 10, 12, 16, 28, and .410
  • curved blade
  • 2 phillips screw driver bits
  • 2 flat blade screw driver bits (3/16″ and 1/8″)
  • Torx T10, T15, T20 wrenches
  • Hex 3/32″ and 5/32″ wrenches
  • magnetic 3/16″ driver
  • magnetic storage bay for 4 screwdriver bits
  • additional hex and torx bits
  • storage pouch
  • Weight – 8 ounces
  • Length closed – 5 inches
  • Width – 1.25 inches
  • Height 1.5 inches
  • Materials – 420 Stainless steel and aluminum, molded polymer, and black rubber grip
  • Price ~ $15 (buy here from Amazon)

These tools will easily replace several in your range or tool bag. Let’s look at what the Gun Tool does right.

The Good

Price – For right around $15, you get a very serviceable tool that is not only portable, but very capable of performing several gun maintenance tasks. I mean, come on? $15? I’ve seen scope adjustment tools that cost more than that.

Size – While the tool is bigger than I originally thought it would be from images online, it is still quite small, and is slightly longer and wider than a full-size Leatherman multi-tool. With the added pouch, the entire package easily fits in a pocket, on your belt, or in a range bag.

Craftsmanship – The tool is built very well, and for the several weeks I have been using it, it has held up nicely. It is sturdy enough to perform most gunsmithing tasks. Steel and aluminum parts mixed with rubber and molded polymer is a nice combination.

Ergonomics – The Gun Tool fits surprisingly well in my hand. Molded rubber grips add comfort and it is just as comfortable holding the tool either way.

Ingenuity – This is a creative little tool. Most multi-tools are built around a set of pliers. This tool has a magnetic bit driver at one end, and has the ability to accept 3/16″ hex bits of all kinds. The magnetic bit storage area is slick, and the array of torq and hex wrenches (along with the built in choke wrench) is a fantastic idea all around.

The Not So Good

Weight – I was originally worried that the tool would be small and flimsy. It is actually quite sturdy, but the steel adds a little to the weight. At 8 ounces, it isn’t a brick, but a little heavier than I would like. I realize that trading the steel with other materials reduces durability and strength, and I don’t think I would make that trade-off.

Magnet – While the magnet in the bit driver holds the bits ok, I notice a little give and slip under higher stress. Not a big deal.

The Bottom Line

I would definitely recommend Real Avid’s Gun Tool to any shooter or gunsmith out there. This tool not only combines several maintenance tools into one handy and highly portable multi-tool, but it is sturdy and durable enough to last a long time. And for only $15, you can add this tool to your range bag today. The price is right, and the Gun Tool is a perfect match for the novice or expert gunsmith out there.

Buy your Real Avid Gun Tool Here

What do you think of the Gun Tool? Feel free to add your feedback in the comment section below.

Hunting With Black Powder Firearms And The Potential Dangers Of Using Black Powder

Since their invention, black powder firearms have been used for two main purposes: war and hunting. The first black powder firearms were made during the 1830s and then improved into technical weapons thanks to the progress recorded in technology. Black powder firearms have been used by hunters during centuries to hunt animals. In the United States, not all states give the residents the right to use black powder firearms for hunting purposes. The few states that enable such a practice possess a strict set of rules that the hunters must comply with in order to start and keep hunting. Those rules include the fixing of season dates to do the hunting, the different types of powder that can be used to hunt, the use of optics, the distinct kinds of primers, and the different types of bullets.

Black powder firearms are accessible in an array of distinct types. Flintlocks were the first black powder firearms that used a flint to cause the ignition. Then, muzzleloaders became available and distinguished themselves by using a specific type of powder, bullet and primer. A person who desires to acquire a black powder gun has the option of selecting either a shotgun or a rifle. Shotguns are typically available in a 12 or 20 gauge, while rifles come in 40, 50 or 58 caliber. There are specific seasons to use black powder firearms for hunting. For example, the state of Nebraska allows that hunters use the muzzleloader to hunt whitetail deer during the whole month of December. It is often common that two different seasons overlap. When this happens, the hunters may use the authorized weapons to practice their hobby.

Many animal species are regularly hunted in the United States. Hunters, who are legally permitted to hunt, use black powder firearms to hunt antelope, moose, elk, black bear, whitetail deer, or even mule deer. The individuals that are interested in starting hunting in a state that allows such a practice are strongly advised to check the local, state and federal related regulations prior to proceeding. Since these regulations are often modified, it is in the responsibility of the interested persons to acquire the updated information, which is generally free and accessible at any local sporting goods stores. Using black powder firearms presents several dangers for the user. Gunpowder is the earliest type of combustible product that was created. It was first used to cause great damages in war times before undergoing substantial modifications. Indeed, because of its ability to cause fire, black powder was seen as a very unstable material by all the people that were charged to either transport it or use it.

The handling of black powder was a great concern as it could cause death and injuries. These concerns are still present today. The dangers of using black powder are related to ignitability, impact sensitivity, smoke, and manufacturing. Because it is made with saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur, black powder is a highly combustible material that can ignite with almost no effort. If put under extreme heat, sunlight, or static electricity, black powder can turn into fire regardless of the quantity of black powder that gets exposed. In addition to static electricity, black powder is also very sensitive to impact.

When handling a black powder gun, an individual must be sure that no involuntary impact hit the weapon otherwise this can result in a gun fire and cause injury if the weapon was pointed at somebody. Another danger that the black powder may pose is the amount of smoke that gets released after the gun fire is shot. The smoke that the black powder creates is thick enough to block the vision of the shooter.

Food Insurance Essentials Kit Review


We’ve all heard of the rumors started by doomsdayers about the Mayan apocalypse that’s supposed to come on December 21, 2012. I know what you’re thinking: they have been wrong so many times before, so why should they be right now? Personally, I highly doubt the whole Mayan apocalypse nonsense; I think it’s a bunch of brainless and baseless babble. However, what I can’t deny is that the world seems to be experiencing quite an increase of both natural and man-made disasters.

Whether it’s tsunamis in Asia, hurricanes in America, economic depression in Europe, the threat of war in the Middle East, or the melting of the ice caps in the Poles, one thing’s for certain: something’s definitely wrong with the world as we know it. As such, it isn’t really surprising if you’re worried about you and your family’s safety. In fact, I’d be more shocked if you weren’t concerned at all about all that’s going on around us.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not saying that the world is coming to an end, but I’d rather have a plan and not need it, than need a plan and not have it. If you feel the same as I do, here are a few things I think you should consider doing:

  1. First off, always have an emergency bug-out plan (no, it has nothing to do with bugs). When I say bug-out, I mean escape plan. When worse comes to worst, the best thing to do is to keep a level head to be able to make logical decisions. Having a plan for the worst is a good way to keep your calm and prepare yourself mentally for whatever might happen. If you’re taking care of some people, then it might also be a good idea to set an emergency rendezvous point where you can meet up and escape together.
  2. Secondly, make sure you have an emergency supply of all your essentials. Bring along some food, water, medical supplies, hygiene products, personal safety gear, and maintenance tools. Iff you plan on building your own emergency food supply, be sure to consider buying freeze-dried food for survival. Check out these Food Insurance reviews for more information.
  3. Lastly, teach yourself some survival skills. While it is admirable to take an intensive training workshop, knowing how to apply first aid, bandages, and CPR will do for starters. If you want to go a step beyond the basics, try getting some wilderness survival training from your local campers or outdoorsmen.

Cost Of A Quality Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Starting off with your airsoft career is not a joke.  You have to dwell on some questions and be able to answer them straight.   One of the questions you may actually encounter would be the question on how much does good quality airsoft sniper rifles cost?  There are several top airsoft sniper rifles that you can readily select from out in the market and you may even choose to own a barrett 50 cal airsoft, however that would not still give you any idea of whether the airsoft rifle is of good quality.

Another question that one may ask, especially if he’s just new into airsoft is, would the rifle I would be able to purchase really of good quality?  Can I purchase any airsoft rifle lower than $200 or $300?  If it is your first time to purchase an airsoft rifle and are looking for quality airsoft rifles, here are some that might actually be of help.

If you check the different online airsoft shops, you would be able to see a lot of airsoft sniper rifles that is being sold.  Most of them are of high quality.  If you doubt the quality of the rifle that you’re trying to purchase, then I would recommend that you go through the customer review.  A lot of the airsoft online shops have a forum where those who have been loyal customers of the said store write their comments, and even the first time customers.  Normally, they write a review or give a feedback of the experience they had with the shop, the experience they had with the product, etc.

Each sniper rifle normally ranges from about $100 to $350 depending on the brand of the rifle, features, etc.  There are some online shops however that offer it at discounted prices.  All that one can do is simply check them all out.

Innovative And Useful Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Hunting Gear at

If there is one thing that I am so grateful for then that would be gun safe dehumidifiers. Thank you to the inventors of this great innovation that allows a lot of gun collectors like me to be spared from the problem of dealing with molds and fungus.

Gone are the days that gun owners need to think of how to prevent condensation from occurring in their gun safes. Gun owners can now forget about the possibilities of corrosion to their possessions. They have finally said goodbye to the possible threats of rusts to their highly expensive guns.

All of the risks of damage to guns have been erased because of gun safe dehumidifiers. Whatever the brand is you are sure that dehumidifiers have their commitment to you to go against moisture all the time. They are like soldiers out there always on guard in your gun safe, fighting every droplet of water that is attempting to land on your guns.

A great dehumidifier has a highly accurate sensor that will be able to detect if moisture is starting to have a huge build up. It will not alert you but instead it will adjust its settings to keep everything dry in your safe.

Since a dehumidifier will absorb all the water, it will also have a water tank. We do not want to deal with all of that mess or find our gun safe spilled with water from the tank because it overflowed already. It is best to find a gun safe dehumidifier that will automatically stop absorbing all the water once the tank is already full. If you see a gun safe dehumidifier that has drainage then it would be totally worry free and maintenance free on your part. This will free you from having to empty the tank each time that it is full.

Anatomy Of A Trout Fly

Bass Pro Shops

A fly consists of various materials tied onto – or “dressed” on – the shank of a hook. Common fly-tying materials include furs, feathers, chenille, Mylar, tinsel and colored thread. In trout fishing, there are four main types of flies – dry flies, wet flies, nymphs and streamers – and literally thousands of specific fly patterns.

Fly size directly corresponds to hook size. A size 14 Adams is simply an Adams pattern tied onto a size 14 hook. If you’re unfamiliar with hook sizes, just remember this: the higher the number, the smaller the hook. A size 28 hook is tiny, while a size 8 hook is substantially larger.

Dry Flies

Dry flies are unique in that they’re the only kind of trout flies that are designed to float on the surface of the water. A traditional dry fly is intended to represent the adult stage of an insect. It’s tied onto a light-wire hook and uses its hackle barbs and its tail to support itself on the water. You can greatly improve a dry fly’s ability to float by treating it with fly floatant.

Wet Flies

A traditional wet fly replicates an adult insect that has either drowned or is diving down to the bottom of a stream or lake to deposit a load of eggs.

Some wet flies, particularly soft-hackle wets, also do a good job of imitating “emergers” – immature insects that are leaving the bottom and swimming to the surface to hatch out into adults.


Most nymph flies are tied to represent insects in their various immature, underwater stages of development – namely the nymphal, larval and pupal stages, depending on the species of insect. A handful of nymph flies are tied to represent crustaceans such as freshwater snails and shrimp. Keep in mind that trout do most of their feeding – maybe as much as 90% – below the surface. This is why nymph flies work so well!


Streamers are larger flies designed to replicate baitfish, leeches, pollywogs and other “meaty” aquatic life forms. Streamers are especially effective on hefty trout. To them, insects are more like potato chips – a nice snack, but not the whole meal. Streamers appeal to a big trout’s sizeble appetite.