Reasons To Own A Fingerprint Gun Case

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A great new way to store valuables and weapons in a convenient but safe manner is by using a biometric gun safe. Called a fingerprint gun case by many folks today, it takes advantage of an ingenious technology to record and then require the owner’s individual fingerprint statistics before allowing admittance.

It works by using a very high performance algorithm to identify each person’s fingerprint. To maintain accuracy, a low False Reject Rate program within a small onboard computer is used. This embedded self learning algorithm can automatically add new points of fingerprint data each time the person’s fingerprint is acquired. This is done over time to further decreases the risk access errors. Truly, the fingerprint weapon case is a testament to humankind’s ingenuity and creativity.

For those folks that may already own a few used gun safes, here is some good news. You can now add special biometric locks to your existing gun safes to make them more secure. Statistics indicate biometric locks are an extremely effective method to use when securing handguns and other types of valuables. The locks can keep children out but will also keep robbers deterred. A burglar will pass on the gun safe when its locks are too difficult to circumvent.

What is the most exciting aspect about this new technology is the price tag. Adding a biometric lock to an existing case or purchasing a new fingerprint gun case does not cost a fortune. Furthermore, anywhere that quality sporting goods are sold will have them. Even some of the Internet websites for home security will feature them along with other types of safes. This makes owning a fingerprint safe for guns both affordable and easy today. Therefore, anyone that lives in a high crime area or that has small children at home should consider purchasing them.

Aim Better With Bow Sights

It is possible to shoot a compound bow without a bow sight and it is even possible to shoot it accurately without one, but it is far more difficult. Adding a bow sight to your compound bow provides you with an accurate aiming device. Without them you will be merely guessing where to point the arrow. It will mean the difference between hitting the target or bagging your game. Every archer should have a basic understanding of the different types of bow sights available.

There are a few different choices of makes and models available. Below we will take a brief look at three types of bow sights.

A fixed-pin bow sight is the type that most shooters use. It usually consists of three, four or five sighting pins. These pins allow you to set various distances when you aim. The top pin is set at the closest distance and the bottom pin is for longer distances. It is up to the individual shooter what increments are used between each pin but most go for either 5 or 10 yard increments. When the pins are set they are fixed to that position from one shot to the next.

The moveable-pin bow sight is different in that it usually consists of just a single sighting pin. The pin may be adjusted before each shot depending on where the target is. The pin may be easily adjusted by levers or small knobs that move the indicator up or down. The success a shooter has with a moveable-pin sight is dependent on their ability to judge distances accurately. Hunters might find this to be an annoying extra step before taking their shot. A target shooter, however, will find this type of bow sight to be most suitable because the target will not be moving from one shot to the next. The advantage of the moveable-pin sight over the fixed-pin is the ability to adjust the sight to any distance at all, not just those 3 to 5 pre-determined points.

The third type of bow sight is the pendulum sights. These bow sights have been designed for the shooter firing from an elevated position. The sight works by compensating for the downward angle of the bow as it is fired. When the bow is tipped forward the sighting pin moves on a hinge so that the change in angle is compensated for.

No matter what type of archery you pursue your performance can be improved with the use of an accurate bow sight. Some reputable brands to consider include Copper John bow sights and HHA Sports bow sights.

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You Need Decent Ice Auger Blades

That’s what the experts say if you’re going to take up ice fishing, you’re going to need a decent set of ice auger blades. One such “decent” set of ice auger blades are the Eskimo brand – I suppose that name is fitting, but hardly politically correct. Anyway, this particular set of replacement blades is retailing on Amazon for around $27. Not expensive at all. It also appears that attaching them to the auger is a piece of cake. The product is retailed with four new screws, so you can throw the old screws out. If you’re an ice fishing person that uses one of the many electric ice augers on the market, Eskimo has a few power auger replacement blades for electric ice augers as well. People, who are hell-bent on saving a few dollars and purchase cheap, shoddy ice auger blades, can expect to spend extra hours trying to cut their ice hole. Cheap blades are often made from cheap materials that, under pressure, may warp or worse – break. It is important to remember the auger has to cut through thick ice to get to the water beneath. Penny-pinching when it comes to purchasing electric ice augers too, is silly.

Listen to the advice of experts. This advice doesn’t necessary have to come from fishing store staff, indeed the old-time ice fisherman will, no doubt, be able to give you the advice you need to buy a decent set of ice auger blades or recommend one of the more reliable electric ice augers on the market these days. It is doubtful, however, that any of these “old timers” of the ice fishing world, would use any of the electric ice augers. These men, and sometimes women, would more than likely prefer a manually operated auger. I’m sure they even enjoy changing the ice auger blades every now and then. So before you shell out large amounts of money, consult an expert.

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Three Reasons To Consider A Fishing Kayak

More and more anglers are seeing fishing kayaks on the water when they head out. This happens for quite a few reasons, but mainly because so many fisherman are realizing the benefits that fishing kayaks provide over larger, motorized boats. If you are considering a fishing kayak for your angling endeavors, look at some of the more common reasons that anglers are choosing these types of vessels outlined below. Chances are, you could end up finding yourself using one of these smaller craft the next time you head out on to the water for the day.

Reason #1 – Stealth And Mobility – Being stealthy on the water is crucial to being able to catch large amounts of fish. If you constantly spook the fish that you are chasing, you are going to have an incredibly hard time bringing any to the boat. Because of this, more anglers are finding use in fishing kayaks because you can easily sneak up onto your intended target without causing them to flee.

Reason #2 – Extremely Low Cost – When you compare the costs of a paddle powered kayak to the costs of a motorized boat, you will be surprised. A boat requires gas in the boat, and in your truck, as well as the cost of maintenance from wear and tear on your vehicle by towing the boat to the ramp. For more expensive boats, you will also need insurance, which can add up to huge monthly expenses.

Reason #3 – Help Find Your Inner Explorer – Being able to move around easily, and get into areas where your large boat would never be found helps you to find your inner explorer. You’ll be tracking deep down into new waterways where you would have never imagined were even possible, previously. This is another great reason why so many people are choosing fishing kayaks when they head out to the water.

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Telescopic Fishing Rod And Reel

If you want to start fishing, you need proper tools. This is why it is so important to have the fishing rod and reel that suits perfectly to your needs. The telescopic fishing rod and reel is the perfect fishing equipment for those that want to fish just for fun, because this type of rod fits perfectly in any backpack or travel luggage. Most fishing gear manufacturers decided to make special telescopic fishing equipment, which has 2 main qualities: it has a light weight and it is easy to use. One of these companies, called Ready2Fish is selling telescopic fishing rod and reel for only $25. The truth is that the price may vary, according to the store from where you make the purchase. The rod is light weight because it is made from fiberglass. It has a foam handle that provides a comfortable grip. The spin cast reel and the ceramic guides will provide maximum strength.

The Shakespeare spinning kit is formed by a telescopic fishing rod and a matching reel. The kit is one of the best quality fishing equipment you can find because it is formed by a genuine Ugly Stick rod. You will buy durable equipment, because for example the guides are made from stainless steel.

“Eagle Claw” is also selling telescopic fishing rod and reel aimed at people who love to spend time outdoors. You can buy it from for $23. The rod is actually formed by five sections and was manufactured from the best quality fiberglass. It is durable, because it has ceramic guides and comfortable to use in the same time, due to the cork handle. This is how the “Eagle Claw” company obtained a lightweight rod that is easy to use. They are actually selling a portable fishing system, because the telescopic rod is sold with a matching aluminum reel.

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Getting A New Hunting Bow Or Hoyt Bow For The Hunting Season

You may be getting ready for bow hunting season and realize that your bow might not hold up for another season. Chances are that it is time to get a new bow for this season. But, when you go shopping you instantly realize that there are a lot of different models and designs to choose from. It can be rather confusing and maybe even a little bit overwhelming. However, you should realize that any bow that you buy today is going to be at least 10 times better than anything that you would have purchased a decade or more ago.

A lot of the bows made today in lines like the Hoyt bows offer a lot of advances in bow technology. A lot of these bows now have bow frames that are made out of composite materials. This makes for a far superior bow, because you are carrying a lighter bow through the woods that doesn’t warp or allow the environment to affect the bow body. This used to be a huge problem with the traditional wood bows. Also, the composite bows offer a little stiffer bow. This is great from the standpoint that you can get more energy from the bow, because you are able to store more tension or energy in the bow when under tension. In the end, this gives the hunter a much more powerful shot.

The modern day compound bows, like the Mathews bows have extremely advanced cam systems. They are setup in such a way that they provide the hunter with a smoother release. The dual cam compound bows, even have systems that allow both cams to release tension at the same time. This is especially helpful so that you have a very balanced and even feeling shot or firing of the compound bow. This will help the hunter make a much more accurate shot.

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