Wilderness is New Zealand’s Most Trusted Campervan Rental Business

Wilderness motorhomes are regionally recognized as being the most trusted travel and outdoors purveyor. Don’t just take our word for it – our customer reviews have earned us the esteemed Supreme Award of the Traveller Voted Awards for two of the past three years. Read what our commenters have said about their experience with Wilderness on the Rankers website.

There are many reasons why, if you are looking to rent a campervan hire new zealand based Wilderness is a great idea. We rent top notch vehicles at reasonable prices, because we understand that not everyone wants to, or can, pay top dollar for a campervan. Auckland Motor homes can be very expensive, but we have found a way to provide you with quality at a sensible price: we take vehicles six years old or younger, refurbish them, and then maintain them meticulously for our clients. Brand new motorhomes are available, too, including the European-designed and built Ixeo, which is known for its comfort and style.

Regardless of the model you rent, all of our campervans and motorhomes run on diesel, which in New Zealand is about forty percent less expensive than gasoline. Our campervans and motorhomes come with all the auxiliaries that most rental companies either won’t bother with or will charge you exorbitant extras for, like dual air bags, solar panels and high-charging batteries. There are also extras like water storage, DVD players, and freedom camping certification that many people consider to be fundamental parts of their outdoors experience.

It does not matter if you like your excursions rugged or pampered. Regardless of what you choose, we are the experts on touring wild New Zealand, and our team knows everything about campervan rentals in the region. Our team members live and breathe the outdoors. When we aren’t hard at work helping to shape your holiday into something special, we are testing our products on our own holidays. We know what works, and what doesn’t, from consistent personal experience. We have made the mistakes and enjoyed the pleasures of New Zealand road trips and wilderness excursions, and so our firsthand knowledge is unbeatable. We supply you with advice, guide books, and the tools you need to enjoy your holiday as much as we enjoy ours!

This is in part thanks to our moderately-sized company, which is big enough to provide you with a variety of campervan options, but small enough to still care about the quality of your trip.

Tips On Choosing Mountain Lodging

When you browse the internet searching for vacation homes, you will find a lot of listings for mountain lodging. There are many places you can choose from; but the problem you may face is with the fact that all of these homes look great and each has an advantage over the other. Making a choice that will suit your needs and meet your expectations should be your primary concern. You will know that you have made the best choice if you feel that you have no problem having the amenities you want and going where you would love to go.

There are things you have to think about when considering the kind of vacation home to rent. You should start with what your needs are. Check the things and activities that will interest you while on vacation. You should know the places and sites you would want to visit and the activities you will love to do. This will help you determine the location you would prefer to be. You should think about how much you would want to pay per night and the number of days you plan to be on vacation. Another important aspect would be the purpose of your vacation. If you are looking for fun or rest, the kind of vacation home you will choose will be very important.

There are other things you will need to think about like the amenities that are in the rental cabin or mountain lodging. If you need someone to look after a kid, you will be deciding accordingly. You will always have different kinds of lodging ranging from hotel rooms to single cabins and cottages. The best thing to do would be to make reservations before your scheduled date for vacation. This will help you avoid any hassle once you reach the mountain. The quality of your vacation might depend on the kind of lodging you pay for.

American Tourister Luggage And Samsonite Luggage Bags For Travellers

People love to travel for leisure or for business. Whenever you travel, you need to carry some personal items such as clothing, books, laptops etc and all these should be safely secured in luggage bags. These bags should also be convenient to carry. They should also be durable and lastly they should be fashionable. American tourister luggage is made to fit the characteristics and ensure that you travel with style and convenience.

American tourister luggage comes in different luggage sets. This allows you to match your luggage with that of your family. You can get a set for yourself, your spouse and your children. You can get wheeled luggage which will enable you to pull your luggage easily through any terminal. These sets are equipped with conveniently placed handles that you can use to sling the luggage on your back or over your shoulder. With American tourister luggage you can be sure that you will have access to any size and design o luggage bags.

If you have been travelling for long, you will have noticed that many people prefer to use Samsonite luggage bags for their luggage. Samsonite is a brand that has a pristine history in the manufacture of long lasting and stylish luggage bags. These have been found to handle the harshest treatment at any train or airport terminal.

Samsonite luggage bags come in various materials. There are those that are made of a hard shell and these are common with frequent travelers and airline crew. There are those that are made of softer materials for less frequent travelers. With these bags, you can be sure that everything will be as you placed it when you were packing. Your clothes are secured within the bags such that they do not wrinkle. The rest of your items will still be secured in the compartments that you placed them in. Samsonite luggage bags come with TSA approved locks for added security. With these luggage sets you can travel with peace of mind.

Where Are The Raabjerg Mile Dunes?

This wild, windswept stretch of sand is the only area of shifting dunes on the coast of the Jutland peninsula. The Raabjerg Mile Dunes are located just to the southwest of the busy fishing port and resort center of Skagen at the northernmost tip of Denmark’s Jutland peninsula. Billowing across the landscape like waves on a stormy sea, they are the only major stretch of shifting sand dunes in the country.

All along the rest of the western coast of Jutland, there is an almost continuous belt of dunes, in places up to 6 miles (10 kilometers) wide. And in the past they too were continually on the move, shifting inland before the steady, occasionally violent westerly winds that blow in off the North Sea. But most of them have been stabilized by plantings of coniferous trees and deep-rooted grasses that anchor the sand in place.

Only at Raabjerg Mile do the dunes continue their relentless inland march. Ever since the turn of the century, this one stretch of dunes has been protected by the government as a showcase of the power of untrammeled wind and sand, and as a reminder of what the other coastal dunes used to be like. Covering an area of about 250 acres (100 hectares), the clean white dunes of Raabjerg Mile in some places are more than 65 feet (20 meters) high And they are moving steadily eastward at a rate of 13 to 26 feet (4 to 8 meters) per year.

Nearby, just south of Skagen, the so-called Church in the Sand provides a striking example of the results of marching dunes. Built in the 13th century, it was threatened late in the 17th century by an advancing dune. For nearly 100 years attempts were made to halt the movement of the constantly shifting sand that seemed certain to engulf the church. But in the end the wind and sand won the battle. The church was finally abandoned in 1795, and today only the top of its bell tower projects forlornly above the all-encompassing dunes. Sarah works in Prague and loves writing about the beauty of Europe.

Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda Is A Great Holiday

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is a popular travel destination for many ecology minded travelers. Traveling to see these gentle giants is a great way to ensure their survival in the wild. The government of Rwanda is aware that a large amount of money is coming in from tourists who desire to see these primates in their wild habitat. This encourages the Rwandan government to take extra special care of the gorillas. They are now protected year round by dedicated patrols who shield them from poachers. This is very good news for the gorillas, who were previously threatened with extinction.

Rwanda gorillas are amazingly human like, and display the same social patterns that humans do. They care deeply for their family members, and are devastated if something should happen to one of them. They are quite docile, but can display a ferocious temper when provoked. Rwanda gorillas live in lush surroundings, since the mountainous regions they prefer are so fertile. There is plenty of rain and food available for them. These giant apes prefer to live on fruits and vegetables, as well as grubs. This makes up most of their diet, yet they still manage to be extremely strong, and weigh many hundreds of pounds.

The lodges that cater to the tourists are extremely luxurious and have all the modern amenities. There need be no concern that vacationing to see Rwanda gorillas is a primitive experience. The food prepared at these lodges and camps is outstanding, and they hire only the best chefs to keep their clients happy. Warm showers can be had, and the beds are cozy and soft. Western visitors will not be deprived of any modern conveniences. The gorilla guides are knowledgeable, and they know exactly where the gorillas live, to ensure that everyone will get a good view of these magnificent creatures.

Travelpro Lightweight Luggage Review

The Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3 20″ Expandable Rollaboard suitcase has two position extension handles that provide you with balanced support and comfort in carrying. Aside from this, the bag does not stand out much in terms of overall look amongst lightweight luggage bags of the same kind.

This isn’t to say that it’s ugly, but the Walkabout Lite is, in terms of a luggage review, pretty normal.

It can carry 2-4 days worth of your clothing, and has a side pocket, which looks like an attachment designed to provide easy access to a water bottle. Though the side pocket does look a little bit more like a manufacturer’s defect, it adds to the overall functionality of the bag.

It has a clean cut look, which could have something to do with the fact that the bag comes in only one color: black. Its exterior provides you with two outside pockets, aside from the strange water bottle pocket mentioned earlier. Each of these two pockets is large enough to store a change of clothes.

The interior, on the other hand, measures 19”x14”x7”. It might seem small compared to what you may be used to with lightweight luggage, but it has an expandable lid that can give you about 30% more space. Although the insides do not have a pre-assigned order to it, the bag does give you more options on how you can arrange your things.

The price of the Walkabout Lite 3 is a bit on the cheap side, but it doesn’t look like they skimped on parts and materials. The best part is that if you aren’t happy with the quality of the bag, Travelpro also offers a free limited-use return if you aren’t satisfied with the purchase.

For a bit more money, you can get the larger counterpart of this bag. The Travelpro walkabout Lite 3 22 shares the design and expandable features as the 3 20. This bag also comes in two colors: aside from the generic black color, you can also choose a green variant.