Discover Causes Of Migraine Headaches

If you’ve been having migraines, you are aware of the effect it could have on your daily life. Not only is the pain head- splitting, it can affect your work as well. Migraine is a lot more painful than normal headache, giving migraineurs no choice but to take the rest of the day off. In fact, a study shows that the American industry has lost up to 157 million due to absenteeism and medical claims, all linked to severe headache such as migraine.

While there is no one medication to treat migraine, finding the cause of the problem will help make it stop. Experts have found that migraines could actually be triggered by a lot of things, which could include any of these:

•             Foods such as nuts, chocolates or cheese. Some migraines are also triggered by chili and MSG (a food enhancer).

•             Skipping a meal.

•             Stress – whether caused by family, work or lifestyle.

•             Birth control pills

•             Smoking

•             Working at the front of a computer for a long time


If you don’t know which food or activity has triggered your migraine, it’s best that you keep a diary with you. This was an advice given to me by my doctor, which has minimized my migraine attacks ever since.  This could be a simple notebook or a real diary, whichever you prefer. Just look for one small enough to tuck in a pouch so you can bring it with you anytime.

All you have to do is to label your diary with the date for the day, then make a space for the activities you’ve done, the food you ate plus the symptoms (if you vomited or had auras). Fill the spaces every day, whether you had a migraine attack or not. Remember to label the dates on which you had migraines until you had about five attacks. Once this happens, go back to the dates when you had the terrible headaches and look for a common factor among the dates. It may be something that you ate or did. Once you find out what causes your migraine attacks, stay away from it and it will no doubt minimize the attacks.


Causes of migraine headaches are triggered by a number of factors, and knowing these and its pattern will help you cut its attacks. Don’t let migraine stop you, find out what’s causing the problem and stop it dead on its tracks.

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