Taking Proper Care of a Ceramic Travel Mug

While they may be more crafty in terms of physical appeal if we are to compare them to their counterparts, ceramic travel mugs can be a disadvantage in and of itself.  Created under the premise of portability, the key concept of being part and parcel of a travel ensemble would emphasize the essence of durability.  Anything ceramic is highly breakable and finding one that has enough resilience for travel purposes would be close to futility.

A ceramic travel mug will certainly be sidetracked by its more contemporary counterparts primarily because of its main feature – high resistance to breakage.  Travel mugs should be designed to have the strength to withstand external forces because they will be continually subjected to movement.  If ceramic would be one’s option, it tends to perturb the bearer because of the constant scrutiny through their bags or compartments to check if the breakables are still intact.  There may be those that are marketed as non breakable (or almost), but this would be a tough statement to have faith in.  There will still be some people who will be enamored by the intricate details of ceramic items but given a more viable choice, the rampant steel, aluminum and highly resilient plastic materials would be absolutely more favored than them.  If you don’t want to risk breaking a ceramic mug, metal coffee flasks are the the best alternative.

Nowadays, mugs are not just for the farmhouse dinner table.  A street trotting yuppie could be found toting one, and the odds of catching someone holding onto a ceramic piece would be lesser than the probability of spotting people sipping through spill proof lids as they cross the streets.  They have been overshadowed by what most people now see in famous cafes and grocery shelves.  Although there are still ceramic sets, these are, for the most part, just left to occupy workstations and coffee tables.  Their shelf lives would certainly be shortened if they are to be used by people mostly on the go, so it might be better to leave this to other types that can surely withstand the bumps and grinds of travel.  The discount advantage that several coffee shops offer once you present your own mug may not be enough to compensate for frequent replacement purchases due to breakage.

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