My Favorite 7 Steps To Change Your Life

You have perhaps had the thought that you have better things to do than read silly self-help books because it takes forever for any of it to work, or it doesn’t work at all. I’m here to say that it does work and can change your life in less time if started right away and throughout the week.

The Full 7 Step Change your Life Process

1. Change Your Thoughts
Get a grip on your life by changing the mindset you have. This is really the only way that you can change how your life is going. We all know that if you keep doing the same thing your going to get the same results. Well this actually can be said, think the same, get the same. Those beliefs you have about what your doing are what are causing you to do what you do, which in turn gives you what you get.

2. Be Happy For What You Have
There is a lot going on that can occupy your mind and make you forget whats good currently in life. This happens frequently and can be the very source of frustration because your not focused on good but on whats not good. So change your attitude by thinking about how good things are each day this week, and the next if you like. Consider these as you do:

All that your glad to have experienced.

All that you have been able to obtain as your own, like your coat, hat, purse, etc.

All that you are glad has never shown up in life like problems sleeping.

3. What Can You Do On Your Bucket List
This week is the time to have something on your list crossed off. Pick one and get out and do it.

4. Today Is Grrreat
Let yourself truly believe that today is going to be the best day ever. This starts each morning as you get up and continues every day thereafter. When you have a good morning the rest of the day goes easier.

5. Learn Something You Didn’t Believe You Were Good At
This is so important I can’t say it enough. Your interests are there for a reason, because they are part of who you truly are. If you are not doing them then you are conforming to what you THINK others want you to be. Stop this now and pick something you like and learn to do it.

6. Purpose Will Guide You Through
You can easily recognize and discover your purpose if you diligently give it some time and figure it out. It doesn’t have to take longer than a few days at most, maybe a week.

7. Embrace Change
Regardless of what is the same today and tomorrow no two days are identical. With that in mind you can change your life overnight.

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