Cheap Divan Beds

Because the economy is in such a rough condition right now, there are so many people out there that are finding it increasingly hard to even pay their basic monthly bills. This can make renovating a home even harder than normal. There are still some practical ways in which these people can improve the overall value of their home, and its appearance too, but also make it a lot more functional as well. One of the easier ways to do this is to buy some cheap divan beds.

Divan beds are basically made in a two piece format. One of these pieces is obviously the mattress, the next is the base, or foundation, which will be generally madeĀ from wood and will be about 14 inches deep. What really makes divan beds stand out is that the bases double as extra storage space. This is fantastic space saving feature. They do this by designing the base to allow storage drawers. The drawers you get are normally very deep and long, so this means that you get a lot of space, more than even a normal dresser.

The typical divan will also be available in two designs. The first of these is known as the platform top, and the next one is called the sprung edge divan base. The sprung edge base features an intricate spring system that has been designed to add an extra layer of comfort to the bed and also extra support. Most of the padded platform top bases have got an upper layer of fabric to help support the mattress, but this base gives a much more firm feel than the sprung edge base does. Regardless of what style you end up going for, make sure that you do good bit of research at all of your local bedding stores before you buy anything. This will give you the chance to try out all of the beds that are available to choose from.

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