Expensive Dog Kennels vs Cheap Dog Kennels

If you are planning to own a dog, don’t forget to plan for the living arrangements of your dog. You can’t just let the dog stay inside the house all day and you can just tie them in your front porch just because you have not planned any living space for your dog. A dog should have its own dog kennel for it to live in. Any dog kennel would do. An expensive and cheap dog kennels still serve the same purpose so almost everyone goes for the cheap dog kennel.

Expensive dog kennels would be a waste of money especially if your dog is untrained. They would scratch the walls, chew off some parts of the kennel; leaving your dog kennel with scratch marks and bite marks. That is why expensive dog kennels are a waste of money. With Cheap dog kennels on the other hand, there is no constant worry that your dog will destroy the kennel. You would not care if there are scratch marks on the wall and bite marks on some edges because you have not spent a lot of money for a dog kennel.
If you are able to pick the items for the materials that your dog kennel would be made of.

Look for items that are water proof and tough. Your dog kennel is situated outside so it is exposed to the sun, rain and strong winds. So it is very important to choose the materials that are water proof and tough if you want your dog kennel to last for quite a long time. Also, make it a habit to clean your dog’s kennel often so to avoid stinking up the place. If you would not clean your dog’s kennel regularly, a certain “doggy smell” would take place and you would have a hard time getting rid of it.

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