Some Chains of Cheap Hotels in Chicago

It takes some planning in advance before traveling to Chicago. Travelers to the area may be astonished at the high cost of lodging, but finding cheap Chicago hotels that offer great service is possible. You should look at cheap hotels in Chicago the same as you do automobiles. Full service, economy, budget, and restricted service hotels are the most common. If you really want class, four and five star hotels lead the group. The budget and economy Chicago hotels will cost less.

If you travel often, you may have heard about loyalty clubs. Hotels give frequent customer rewards just like airlines. The Super 8 VIP, Wyndham, and Rewards Points programs allows you to gather and trade them in for savings which further brings down your bill. You could even get a free night if you earn enough points. The biggest of the cheap hotels in Chicago chains is the Wyndham group of hotels, which furnishes more than ten economy and discount brands.

You will find lodging establishments like Budgetel, Howard Johnsons and Travelodge all over the Chicago area. These all fit into the budget category of Chicago hotels. Many of them offer basic elements like wireless Internet service continental breakfast. Sometimes television is included in the rate. The more usual kind of hotel rooms includes one or two bed and perhaps a two-room suite. The price of one night for the cheap hotels in Chicago begins at $65 per night. This varies depending on what part of the city you plan to visit. Two room suites will likely cost more.

A couple Chicago hotels with lower priced options than the restricted services of Hilton and Marriott include Ramada Inn and Days Inn. Prices in the economy suite are below $80 per night, which includes breakfast, entranceways, and upgraded conveniences like movies and a gym. With a little research, you should be able to discover some cheap hotels in Chicago.

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