A Few Different Ways Of Placing Cheap International Calls

It is now easier for contemporary businesses to establish their international presence, and it is no longer unusual for families nowadays to be in many different countries. This is what globalization is truly all about, and as users clamored for cheap international calls, this was bestowed to them by technology. Calling the old fashioned way is just impractical now. Below are your options for very cheap overseas calls.

1) VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol – This is what is recognized as “advanced internet telephony”, allowing individuals to share files, conduct video calls, conference calls, 3-way calling, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, etc., using their computers, and the option to place cheap calls to Nigeria, Ghana, Australia and a lot of continents apart from Antarctica is much too easy.

2) International Callback – This is no longer as used as before, and yet a great number of individuals still prefer this over the old-fashioned way of placing international calls. The access number is first dialed for free, and then the service calls the caller back, enabling the caller to place his or her cheap international call. What this actually does is reroute calls through countries were calling charges are lowest.

3) Prepaid Calling Cards – Prior to VoIP, these were pretty notorious for bad call quality, as well as hidden charges. But the modern-day prepaid calling cards have redeemed themselves, with amazing sound quality for calls, as well as very low per-minute rates. The only catch with these cards is that one mostly saves with them by bulk-buying and clearly, this option is not for everyone.

4) PC-to-Phone Services – Using this, individuals will be able to place calls using their personal computer or laptop, just as with VoIP but there is no need for the caller to use a phone.

5) PC-to-PC Calling – Using VoIP, this is absolutely free. For the best call quality, headsets are best used. If there is a problem with this at all, it is that it may take a while for non-tech-savvy individuals to figure out how to use VoIP software.

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