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One of the best ways to help your child get ahead in school is to introduce them to science and math early on. It’s been shown that kids who are exposed to these subjects are better adjusted and better equipped with problem solving skills that benefit them everyday. One great way to get your child interested in science is to buy a cheap kids microscope. There are several quality microscopes that are now more affordable thanks to improvements in manufacturing and technology. Below are some tips for getting a cheap microscope for your child.

The first thing to consider is the power settings on the microscope. By that I mean that you need to get a quality microscope that at least has both a low power and high power setting. The low power is for examining things like bugs and hair; stuff that you want to look at closely. And while this is pretty cool by itself, a cheap microscope with high power can see some of the tiny microorganisms that aren’t seen with the naked eye. So things like bacteria in pond water and blood cells can be seen. This is where the kids get the most excitement from; seeing things they could never see before.

The best way to get the most out of the microscope is to purchase one that comes with a kit. These microscope kits come with many different slides that are prepared with all sorts of specimen (animal, plant, bugs, hair, etc.). Using the slides from the kit will keep your child entertained as they examine and compare the differences between the slides. It’s also much easier than trying to find stuff to put on them on your own.

Or if you want to expose your child to modern technology, you could buy USB microscope. These devices use the plug and play USB technology to instantly turn your computer into a digital microscope. This has the advantage of getting kids used to using technology plus it’s a lot easier to use than traditional microscopes.

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