Chest Exercises For Men Using A Spotter

When it comes to working the chest, there are many options.  One can choose machines, free weights, bands, bodyweight exercises, or fluid resistance.  Not all exercises require a spotter, but it is very important that for certain exercises one be used.  In this article we will take a look at the very important topic of using  a spotter for certain chest exercises.

Using a spotter for resistance training exercises becomes particularly important when weight is lifted over the body.  Some of the best chest exercises for men involve lifting heavy weight over the body.  In this case, having someone to help you should you need it is important.  Spotting is also important to assist in exercises that utilize balance.  A good spotter will help you get out a few good forced repetitions, as well as correct any errors in your technique.  A good spotter can be an invaluable tool, and special care should be taken in choosing one.  Not all spotters pay attention to their work, and even some that do fail to spot correctly.

The bench press and it’s various forms, namely the incline and decline press, require the use of a spotter.  A good spotter will stand over the bar as you proceed with your set.  He will carefully watch the bar and observe you for any signs that might indicate that you need help.  Spotting with the bench press or it’s variations typically utilizes what is known as an alternated grip.  This means that the spotter has one palm facing away from himself, and one palm facing toward himself.  This makes it much more unlikely that the bar can slip out of his hands as can be the case when both palms are facing forward or backward.

Choosing a good spotter can help keep you safe, improve your form, and assist in getting out forced repetitions.  Make sure the spotter you choose is an experienced lifter and has the right frame of mind to safely watch and monitor you as you do your set.  If no one else is working out in the gym at the time you are lifting, look for someone on staff to spot you.  The fitness studio or gym you work out at will typically have someone on hand that is familiar with how to properly spot.

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