CHI Digital Flat Iron Features – Your Amazing Companion

Try out this versatile product now out in the market today. The CHI digital flat iron is one investment that you’ll never regret because it packs it a lot of the state-of-the-art technology that only the makers of CHI or Cationic Hydration Interlink technology brings. Farouk Systems, Inc. is headed by its Chairman Mr. Farouk Shami has put up on its sleeves their goal of giving quality products with elegance, style and convenience that goes along with it. These are just among the great qualities that a product design is being developed in their laboratories.

CHI technology is the major breakthrough for Farouk Systems, Inc. All their CHI hair straighteners are given this feature as to give its products the best quality in design and functionality. CHI Flat Irons have in them ceramic 44 on its heating plates. Ceramic 44 is the featured component of CHI that allows for a better and even deeper penetration on the hair which is usually achieved through the use of another technology called the far infrared technology. This far infrared is very convenient to use because it has all the flexibility in its character to enhance absorption as well has increase metabolism and blood circulation. The negative ions being released through this process also helps in the balance of moisture by diffusing water molecules into fine micro-particles which is the reason why static electricity and frizz is greatly reduced.

For the CHI Digital Flat Iron, the digital component is what makes it unique. The digital device installed on the hair straightener is the main component that controls and monitors the heating capacity of the CHI Digital Flat Iron. This is also another breakthrough incorporated within the already versatile product. With this digital functionality, you hair can never be exposed to too much heat which might cause even greater damage. Heat is being regulated by this digital device to conform with the type of hair you have. This is truly an amazing companion for your hair styling creations.

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