Chicken Makes A Great Meal

With the price of food and just about all essentials increasing it is good to know that there is a healthy good tasting meal that is affordable to just about everyone.  That meal is chicken and it is the most popular meat in the entire world.

Chicken is healthy, inexpensive to purchase and prepare, and is found in some of the best tasting recipes world over.

Chicken is full of B vitamins and essential minerals which makes it a favorite food for lots of people around the world.  With chicken you get to enjoy a meal that contains meat without any of the health risks that are associated with red meat.

Ranchers and farmers that raise chickens choose to do so for some very smart economic reasons.  With chicken there is no need to obtain large tracts of land.  It just isn’t necessary like it is for cattle.  The feed used to fatten the chickens up is inexpensive and the knowledge the farmer needs does not have to be specialized in order to be a successful chicken farmer.

With very little fat and no carbohydrates chicken can be considered a health food.  People that suffer from obesity or heart disease can eat chicken without any worry of detrimental health problems.  If you are on a diet or diabetic then chicken is a meat that is custom made for you.  It won’t affect your blood sugar and will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

No matter how you like to cook your chicken, and there are many ways to cook it, there are just as many recipes.

People like deep fried chicken and chicken on the BBQ.  There is broiling, boiling, roasting, stir fry, and grilling.  As far as recipes go they are just about endless.  Many people like southern fried chicken while others like lemon chicken.  With the recent popularity of chicken fingers and wings this bird has actually become a snack food.

A good side dish is what really completes a chicken dinner or lunch.  The most popular dish served with chicken is one of the many potato recipes that are available.  People enjoy mashed potatoes or baked potatoes with just about any chicken meal.  On a cool winter night a nice slow cooker potato soup goes well with a warm chicken dinner.

When you consider the low cost, positive health benefits, and the many ways you can cook and prepare chicken are there really any reasons why you wouldn’t want to enjoy this bird a few times a week?

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