A Review of the Chiroflow Pillow by Mediflow

According to Mediflow, 84% of the Mediflow pillow owners in their research are satisfied with their Mediflow waterbase pillows. The advantages of using such a pillow is that it has the ability to relieve pain, has contouring support, has an adjustable loft and firmness and few odor complaints. The disadvantages are they are heavy when filled, will possibly make noises, you also have to find out the right water level that will suit your personal preference, it is a pillow of average durability and the price is fairly high.

The advantages of the chiroflow pillow however far outweigh the disadvantages. People suffering from neck and back pain are very highly satisfied with the pillow as well as those that have problems with headaches, snoring, muscle tension and TMJ syndrome.

Over all the pillows tested, the mediflow water pillow has been clinically proved to help in the improvement of quality of sleep and to decrease any physical suffering one may be having on the neck. The head rests on a soft plump covering of hypoallergenic material that is held up by a thin waterbase at the pillow’s basement. This waterbase responds to the movement of your head independently while you are asleep so that there the correct support for your neck is preserved.

There is clinical proof that the pillow will help you sleep faster and better and then you will not wake up as often thus and you can get back to sleep faster and when you wake up in the morning you will find that you are more refreshed.

Anyone suffering from neck pains will benefit from this pillow because it will aid you in that your pain will reduce. If you want to altar the compactness of your pillow you can do so by adding the amount of water that you feel will give you the correct level of support for your neck, be it soft, or medium, or firm. You can purchase a pillow each for your whole family and then they can make adjustments in accordance with the levels that they feel are perfect for them.

Because the pillow is filled with water, you will hear some sloshing noises when you move. This pillow operates the same way as the orthopedic shaped pillow does. Tap water is fine and you do not need special water for your mediflow bedroom pillow.

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