Choosing An Imaging Center: Physician Vs Patient Factors

An imaging center plays a vital role in correctly diagnosing and treating a patient, and thus it is one of the medical industry’s most important facilities. Although a patient’s doctor is often the one who will refer a patient to a particular imaging center, many patients are starting to more actively choose medical imaging centers.

The doctor and the patient often have different things that they prioritize and put into consideration when choosing a medical imaging facility. The quality of interpretation of results is the main thing that doctor’s look for in imaging providers, and is always their priority. The reputation of the center, location, insurance plans accepted and the speed at which results are delivered are also considerations that influence the preference of the physician. Because of this, they usually prefer to refer their patients to centers like Fairfax Imaging Center, if they have a longstanding working relationship and history of good results. However, the patient may wish to use a different imaging center.

The things that patients usually take into consideration when choosing a medical imaging center will often differ from those which physicians prioritize. The recommendation by their doctor does still hold much weight, and many patients will go along with this. However, other factors may come to play. The location is a big consideration. For instance, if the doctor refers them to New Tampa Imaging center, yet the patient knows that there is an imaging center that is much closer and not as far out of their way, they will strongly consider going to the closer one.

The reputation of the center is also very important to patients. Usually, patients will ask for recommendations from family and friends. If someone that they know has had a good experience in a particular center, then they will more often than not decide to also do their procedure in that same center. Searching online for reviews is also a common way to find out about a center’s reputation. Well known centers like the Arizona Imaging Center quite often have many reviews that those who are interested may read on the internet. Good reviews are often what convince patients of the quality of the facility.

What insurance plans the facility accepts is also a big factor in selecting a center. Because the cost of medical procedures is so high, it is very important to patients that the procedures that are recommended by their doctor can be covered by their insurance. Facilities like the Carlsbad Imaging Center have sites online which you can go to find information about what plans the center accepts and you can even just call the center to ask about this.

When choosing an imaging center, doctors and patients may have very different priorities. While doctors are still the main driving force in directing their patients to certain imaging centers, many patients are playing a more active role in deciding where to go. Because of this, imaging centers are challenged to provide their consumers with the best possible experience, with professional, competent and friendly staff and technicians, advanced technology and total satisfaction.

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