Seeking Christian Relationship Advice

Whether you are newly married or newly engaged, getting relationship counseling in the early stages of your relationship is the best way to ensure that you and your spouse will be getting off on the right foot, even while you’re still in the “honeymoon” stage of showing off your beautiful engagement rings and wedding rings, or just spending time together. It is a common trope that the most difficult period of in a marriage is the first year, and the right advice can help you get through this important transition period with a minimum of hand wringing. Knowing where to turn to find this  marriage advice that is both productive and in line with your beliefs can make it easier to get the help that you need to build a lasting relationship.

One of the best places to find this counseling is within your own church. While some couples may turn to their priest, minister or other formal religious leader, others may simply seek out informal advice sessions from long married couples within their congregations. This is a great way to get advice that is grounded in personal experience, and to start a mentor-ship that can last the length of your marriage. Even if your church does not have a formal program that facilitates this type of exchange, it is worth talking to some of your church’s elders to see if they would be receptive to it.

It is also possible to find Christian marriage therapists who are licensed and members of your faith. Depending on your denomination, it may be important to you to find a licensed practitioner who is a member of the same faith community as you. Though it may seem like an extremely personal series of questions, prospective patients should feel comfortable opening up during a Christian marriage counseling session about their personal beliefs. Finding someone with beliefs that are in line with your own will make the advice that they give more meaningful to your situation.

Good Christian relationship advice that is given early in a marriage can help head off problems before they start, setting the stage for a long and happy marriage.

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