Unusual Gift Items for Men

Do you have on your shopping list a young man who’s moving into a place of his own, whether it’s an apartment or a dorm situation?  Christmas presents for men or maybe 18th birthday presents for men might be categories you’ll be considering in doing your shopping.

Many young men at the age where they first have a place they can call their own find it enjoyable to break free from the design themes they’ve probably had enforced on them by their mothers all their lives.  They may even get a kick out of making bold, or even gross statements of their individuality.

There are available on line some gifts for such young men that they’ll find are right up their alley.

How about a liquid soap dispenser for their shower that’s sure to gross out female visitors and give a chuckle to their male friends?  A recent on line shopping excursion revealed a dispenser in the shape of a big nose to hang on the shower wall.  When you press on the nostril, a stream of green body wash squirts from the nostril onto their shower towel.  The soap is supplied with the unit, but can be substituted with the type of their choice.

Anybody who’s ever seen the movie “Psycho” will appreciate another item found.  It’s a bath mat that appears to be splattered with blood!  It’s sure to give just about anyone the creeps.

Even if your young man isn’t the sort to make a splash with such items, he’s almost sure to share the frustration of men everywhere at having to shave with a fogged up mirror.  Well, that’s no longer necessary.  There are available now fog free mirrors that install directly in the shower.  No more missed spots that have to be gone over later.  No more mess in the sink!

These units are highly rated by those who have bought them.  They are sure to be well appreciated by those who are lucky enough to get them.

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