Clean Curtains to Make Them Last Longer

To keep curtains looking new, it is necessary to implement a regular schedule for cleaning. The amount of dirt that curtains are exposed to can be quite a shock. From dirt and dust blowing in from open windows facing the street, pet dander dropped from the animals living in your home, and dirt that collects daily from general use and contact with the floor and hands. Regularly removing this dirt will make sure that they remain in like-new condition for several years, and will take away the need to replace them often as they begin to show signs of deterioration. This is especially important on plain curtains like priscilla that can often show the dirt more.

They should be cleaned at least once a season, so if they are machine washable they can be taken down and washed. Washing routinely four times for the year, will keep them from having stains that set in and become unmanageable. If they are not machine washable and must be dry cleaned, still this price is better than the price of replacing an entire set of run down curtains.

Vacuuming curtains can be a big help in removing some of the airborne soil particles that can ruin the materials. Most vacuums are equipped with a brush-like attachment that can be used on furniture. This gets dust out of the fabric without accidentally sucking the curtains from the wall.

Make sure to address stain issues as soon as they occur, or as soon as you notice them. Curtains aren’t very likely to have food stains, but if they do happen, sometimes simply spraying on some stain remover is all that is needed to get out the stain. Make sure the stain spray is color safe so that the color does not get ruined. This is more important on more colorful styles such as patterned gingham curtains.

You can make sure with regular maintenance that your curtains will last for many years in your home. You may never have to change them at all.

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