How To Clean Your Wicker Garden Furniture: Tips And Tricks

Out of all the garden furniture types, wicker garden furniture has been the most popular choice for decades. Not only is it graceful, it is also long-lasting and economical.

Facts about wicker:

Wicker is not as much a material as it is a particular way of weaving to form a material. Garden wicker furniture is made from rattan, bamboo or even soft plastic. Wicker is the best choice for garden furniture, because not only is it light to carry but it’s also durable. Old wicker furniture is considered to be a worthy antique these days.

How to clean up your wicker garden furniture:

While most people like the look of the wicker garden furniture, some do not buy it because they have no idea how to clean it or care for it the right way. Surprisingly, keeping your wicker garden furniture clean is not very hard. Experts recommend vacuuming down the wicker garden furniture once in a while to keep dust from accumulating. Wicker garden furniture can also be cleaned by sponging it with a solution of Murphy’s Oil Soap and warm water, and then patting it dry.

If your wicker garden furniture develops mold or mildew due to enduring wet weather, use a mild solution of warm water and bleach to clean it as soon as you can to keep it mold-free.

If your garden is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, you should take care to select wicker garden furniture that is made from plastic or fiberglass as the original wicker while being durable can easily fade out if made to endure excessive wind or sunlight.

Many manufacturers paint the wicker furniture after it is made, and this paint may start chipping after a while. You can retouch the furniture and give it a fresher look by using oil-based house paint. Use a color as close to the old one, unless you desire to change the entire look of your furniture. For the best results, use a paint sprayer to ensure that the coats are applied evenly.

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