Coach Small Leather Designer Handbag

I’m so excited because it’s great to have the day off from work, especially because now I cam leisurely shop online for a special Coach small leather designer handbag that I have been trying to find for the longest time. The wonderful purse I found in my search is by whom else but, Coach, This Leather handbag is titled, “Coach Colette Signature Scarf Print Top Handle Pouch.” I am very excited to have found this purse after searching the internet for such a long time. I knew that soon as I looked on Nordstrom’s Coach’s website that I’d be able to find exactly what I was looking for. Actually, I wish that all of my purses were Coach purses, since they are wonderfully constructed of high quality materials that will definitely hold up in the years to come.

What makes the “Coach Colette Signature Scarf Print Top Handle Pouch” so wonderful is how it comes across after seeing it. This outstanding small leather handbag defiantly brings me joy. It’s got such a wonderful scarf that goes with it, matching the purse design perfectly. This purse features a signature scarf print fabric with Fuchsia and Peony colors with a leather trim. Another top rated feature that makes this an outstanding small leather handbag is the fact that it is a lightweight handbag. This is definitely a top choice for me since I shouldn’t have a large clumsy bag. Actually every woman should consider this handbag, especially if you happen to be like me and have back problems. It is no good for my back to have large bags and carrying too much stuff. I have noticed that since I started wearing small handbags, it is a lot easier on my back. Other features about this purse that make it outstanding is the inside of the purse. It has an inside open pocket along with a nice fabric lining, a zip-top closure and a 7” strap drop. This handbag measures 9 (L) x 6 ½ (H) x 3 ¾ (W).

Ladies and others who happen to be looking for a dynamic purse this wonderful Coach handbag is one that you defiantly need to check out.

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