Cold Sore Remedies

Cold sores can be unsightly for some. Aside from the discomfort brought about by this condition, the appearance on the outer lip may cause several aesthetic issues for a lot of people. There are various natural and preventive cold sore remedies available that can be easily done at home.

Treating a cold sore necessitates the need to know the difference between a cold sore and canker sore. While canker sores are basically the result of a bacterial infection, cold sores are caused by the herpes Simplex Type 1 Virus. Those who are afflicted with this health problem most commonly obtained the virus through contact with infected saliva.

While within the body, the Herpes simplex type 1 virus may lay dormant and can surface in times of elevated stress levels and anxiety as well as prolonged exposure to the sun rays. The blisters that are typical manifestations of this disease may appear on the external lip or near the nose. It usually takes around 2 weeks before symptoms subside. This is not to be confused with genital herpes since that condition is caused by the Herpes Simplex Type 2 Virus.

Natural cold sore remedies are much more advisable since there are plenty of such methods and turning to conventional medical treatments may be more expensive and can be less practical despite a good health plan. Various studies have shown the antiviral properties of lemon balm. It has shown to reduce the duration of the blister symptoms significantly. Similarly, a component in licorice called glycyrrhizic acid, shows promise in battling the herpes simplex virus. Caution should be taken in purchasing licorice as there are products that may not contain adequate levels of true licorice. Moderation, as with any form of medicine, should also be observed. Applying milk on the sore has also been found to help in alleviating the symptoms and hindering the development of the

Preventive measures for further infection should also be observed. Removing any factors that may aggravate the condition like stress and anxiety, improper hygiene or extreme sunlight exposure can help speed up the process of recovery.

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