Build A Collection of Fountain Pens

Although they are now considered to be fairly old fashioned and out of date, the fountain pen is a writing instrument that still commands respect among those who appreciate fine quality pens. Fountain pens can be quite expensive instruments but it is also possible to find extremely low priced pens as well giving you the chance to take it up without having to outlay a fortune.

The initial thinking may be that they are too fiddly to bother with, what with having to refill them when they run out of ink and changing nibs if you require a thicker line. The truth is they write with a more consistent line than a ballpoint pen, the pens themselves will last forever and most of them have been designed to fit comfortably in the hand to provide a pleasant writing experience.

Collectors have been very active in picking up vintage fountain pens, particularly with some of the classic pens such as the Parker 51 and the Cross Townsend fountain pen. Each of these pens, plus a number of other models, were released in large numbers over a wide span of years and they can provide a challenge for any collector who wants to put together a definitive collection of the same type of pen.

Rather than focusing on a single model of pen it is also common to find collectors staying loyal to a single manufacturer. Older companies such as Aurora fountain pens, Sheaffer, Conklin or Waterman have a rich history that can be traced through the pen issues that were released. Tracking the company’s progress through the twentieth century can be achieved by gathering one of each of the pens they made.

One of the great bonuses a fountain pen collector has is that not only do you own some remarkable looking pens that are sophisticated and elegant, but using them is a pleasant experience thanks to the quality with which the fountain pen glides across the page.

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