College Freelance Writers And Passive Income

There are many advantages to becoming a freelance writer starting out in college. It is also a sad thing that many college students do not take advantage of the benefits of becoming a college freelance writer. Freelance writing is the ideal job for student as they can do the work at any time throughout the day and from their very own dorm room. This freedom of location and time means even the messiest schedule can be worked around and the work can get done. While many other college students have their own blogs most do not realize the potential for earning passive income from their online blogs or from building niche websites.

The benefits of freelance writing should be really obvious. First of all it is fairly easy to find websites which will pay $10 or $15 an article, and when you get to the point where you can write one or two articles an hour that means much better pay than work-study, gas station clerk, customer service rep, or line cook. In addition you can actually work around your schedule since all the writing would be online you could do it from your dorm room at whatever hours you chose. In addition, because of this flexibility you could have a very full schedule and still managed to easily write two articles a day: one as soon as you get up, and one before you go to bed.  These advantages aren’t restricted.  All college freelance writers enjoy them.

As if these advantages were already enough for the average college student, freelance writing online often also eventually leads to passive income from Internet Marketing. This is the process of selling e-books, books for the Amazon Kindle, advertising space on blogs and websites, or making affiliate sales for large retail websites like Amazon or eBay. While this type of income takes much longer to build up and requires a great deal of early work before you see any payback, imagine what a college student could do with his or her life if they were already making over $100 a day, every day, for work that was already done.

Keep in mind even when they don’t work that money still keeps coming in for weeks, months, or even years. However making this transition means having some help for mentors who really know what they’re doing. In this case the best possible action is to check out The Keyword Academy and sign up for monthly program which teaches hundreds of new beginners exactly how to go about making passive income online.

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