Measure Your Breast Size And Find The Right Bra For You

If you really want to determine what kind of shelf/regular/backless bra you want, measuring your breasts size is the first step of the process. After that it comes the most consuming, yet the most interesting process of all – deciding and buying the right bra.

Here is how I can help you:

  • first pick up tons of bras, all from different styles, colors and shopping sites. By checking everything you can really find the ones you would love to buy.
  • here are a couple of online stores I recommend – Macy’s, Target, Amazon, HerRoom, FreshPair, Groupon and Ebay.
  • if you are not comfortable searching for an exotic (shelf bra) in your regular lingerie shop, online is the second, yet the best option available.
  • take into consideration that over time, most of the bras lose their fitting. They get looser over time, mainly because of washing over and over again. It’s very important to try your bra before buying it, just to be sure how much it will last.
  • for athletic activities, a sports bra is a must. To bring extra sensations in bed, a shelf bra it’s highly recommended. To get rid of straps, yet look wonderful in a backless dress, buy yourself a nice backless bra.
  • you need to check a lot of things just to make sure the bra you are trying is the right one – if you bend over and your breast are not in place any more, try another bra. If your bra is not in place anymore if you twist left or right, then you need to try another bra. Is the material comfortable and good enough? Are the fabrics long lasting and in good quality?

Most of the women should be able to find a couple of good bras after following these instructions with patience.

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