Make Superior Coffee With A Machine Espresso

With a machine espresso, you are guaranteed a superior brew. The reason why is because of the way a machine espresso works. Unlike a regular coffee machine, an espresso-maker pushes water through the coffee beans. This constant pressure gives the coffee a richer texture. And, if commercial espresso machines are used, the coffee develops a special foam on its surface. Known as “crema,” this foam is what makes an espresso better than a regular cup of coffee. Through the crema, the coffee develops a secondary flavor. This is why Starbucks and similar enterprises charge $5 or more for their espressos. However, if you invest in a machine espresso, especially a commercial one, you can make as many as you want without ever having to visit a coffee house again. In exchange, you will pay a small amount upfront, as commercial espresso machines are becoming more affordable.

In the past, average people did not have such a luxury. Every since the 1900s, commercial espresso machines have been used to create the most delectable coffee brews. However, with most of them costing thousands of dollars, the machines were not available for those with modest budgets. And even if a person was rich, they lacked the secondary equipment needed to operate the machine. Today things are different. Technological innovations have made the espresso machine cheaper and easier to operate. Many are no different than the traditional coffee machine, at least in terms of user operation. Others are manual; a pump is used to add pressure through the machine. The more pressure generated, the frothier the espresso’s crema becomes. In fact, this is why many espresso lovers prefer manual machines; they feel they have more control over their brew. In any case, you can get these machines for under $1,000. In some cases, they can be acquired for less than $100.

If you need more convincing, consider a rather unusual fact: espressos contain 50 percent less caffeine than a regular serving of coffee. So, in addition to experiencing a better brew, espresso machines can help you beat caffeine addiction. This is important, as caffeine addiction can cause many problems, ranging from heart palpitations to irregular breathing. The situation is even worse if you quit cold turkey, as caffeine withdrawal symptoms are pretty serious too. By switching to espressos, your body receives just enough caffeine to avoid withdrawal symptoms. It will also give you psychological satisfaction, as coffee-drinking is very enjoyable. You will not have to feel that you are restricting yourself.

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