Big Refrigerators Are Everywhere

When you thing of the term ‘big refrigerators‘, what comes to mind?  Someone in your neighborhood whose refrigerator is a big, bulky double-door thing that doesn’t seem to hold much more than your standard refrigerator?  Think bigger.  Commercial walk in coolers range anywhere from a small room with just enough space to walk in without having to reach back too far, to huge rooms in food warehouses all around the world.

Retail refrigerators have a massive amount of uses and are often much larger than home refrigerators.  Even things that do not actually look like refrigerators use refrigerator technology to keep items cold.  A deli counter is a good example of a retail refrigerator that doesn’t look anything like that standard image of refrigerators.  It keeps meat and cheese and other deli items fresh, but has a large glass lid so customers can see what items they want to purchase and it has a sliding door on the other side so the workers can access the food.  Compared to household refrigerators, deli refrigerators are quite large, but don’t look anything like ‘normal’ refrigerators.

Ice cream trucks are another good example of a large refrigerator/freezer that is not thought of as a refrigerator.  Ice cream trucks have cold plates that are charged through the night and then used during the day to keep ice cream cold. Nearly every gas station and fast food place in the world has a refrigerator that is larger than a household refrigerator, with fast food places usually having small, contained walk-in refrigerators and gas stations having large rooms that have doors on one side for customers to access drinks.

The largest refrigerator market currently is in China, with billions of dollars being spent on refrigerators every year, with a fairly speedy market growth rate on top of that.  Refrigerators have been popular in households since the 1940s when they first came out, and show no signs of going out of style.

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