Comparing the Logitech Harmony

With as many gadgets as the average household contains, it can be all too easy to find one’s coffee table covered in remotes. Keeping track of which remote goes to which appliance can be a serious inconvenience, but we all know solace can be found in a universal remote. Whereas these notoriously bulky devices were once used primarily by tech-savvy individuals and dads the world throughout, modern universal remotes are far more sleek and approachable for both connoisseurs and the average user alike. The Logitech Harmony universal remote is a perfect example.

The Logitech Harmony comes in several different flavors, some far more heavily featured than others, with their prices ranging accordingly. Most even contain a built in display, making it easier than ever to select exactly which feature you wish. However, for the user who simply wants a remote that gets the job done, the Logitech Harmony 300 simply cannot be beat. It does not have a display screen, but it still has the usual programmable buttons, the ability to control up to four devices, and it comes at a very affordable $49.99. It tends to carry a slightly higher user rating than other remotes in the series, and is undoubtedly the most popular choice for most users.

Sometimes, however, more features can make the experience. The king of universal remotes may very well be the Logitech Harmony One Advance. Like all remotes in the series, it carries a sleek profile, keeping entertainment room bulk to a minimum. It also comes fully loaded with a touch screen, simplifying much of its arsenal of features and placing them literally at your fingertips. The Harmony One Advance is able to control a whopping 15 individual devices, putting it far ahead of the game for those with expansive home theater systems. At $250, it might be somewhat of an investment, but for the ease of use it provides, it could easily be worth every penny for the right user.

Consider how many devices in your home you will want allocated to your remote before deciding which Logitech Harmony is right for you. The features can vary greatly, but each remote in the series is designed to be as simple to use as possible. If you would like to buy or get more information on the Harmony from Logitech, go to

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