Mixing It Up – Composter Reviews

With so many compost bins on the market how are we supposed to know which is the best one to buy, well the great thing about the internet is the fact that there is a review site for everything and compost bins are no different. So if you want to know about compost bins then visit the composter reviews web sites and get all the information you need. It has to be worth taken a little time checking out the various bins as some can be quite expensive and as with everything else there are some that are better than others. You will be surprised when you look at the various bins available as to what you can actually get, there are the basic compost bins, or there is worm farm composting and even composters that allow you to compost indoors. Even if you don’t fancy indoor composting you can get bins to hold your compost odour free until you have the time to go up the garden to your main compost bin.

Personally as my main composter I prefer the large compost tumblers as these are very efficient and breaking down all that organic goodness and they can even supply you with compost tea. Compost tea is a great substance, basically it is the liquid that seeps out of the compost as it is breaking down. This liquid is full of nutrients and with a traditional compost heap this would just seep into the ground and be lost, but with a built in tea collector you can either dilute this twenty parts water one part tea and use it as a foliar spray although you must be careful not to put it on edible leaves such as salad crops. Alternatively you could simply water the soil around other crops and enrich the soil.

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