Turning Your Own Artwork Into Contemporary Home Decor

Even if you aren’t an artist you probably have some artwork lying around. This could be pieces that your grandmother or grandfather made. It could even be something that you just found in your attic from the previous owners. You probably have a lot of artwork from the kids. Here are a few ways that you can really do to turn this into something quite special.

If you aren’t an artist then consider trying out graphic art. This is going to allow you to really turn your photographs into more of the look of illustrations, although it does require a little bit of a practiced hand to really become a master at this. This is going to allow you to really give a totally different look to your photos even if you just want to work with your basic travel photos.

You can also really mix and match in a lot of styles together like movie poster frames or a used office desk. This could be anything from paintings and even your kids artwork for a completely sentimental touch. The key here is going to be to make sure that you choose pieces with a lot of white backgrounds because this is a staple color in modern home decor. You can really even mix and match a lot of different sizes together. You can frame them out with the same frame. You can also go with more of a Plexiglas frame. This is important if you are using a lot of different kinds of artwork because you don’t want it to seem too busy. The key to this display is using a lot of different pieces and going for an art gallery effect by placing them all over one wall. This contemporary home decor can become the focal point of the living room.

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