Contemporary Kitchen Art Ideas

Contemporary kitchen art should coordinate with a lot of the high end items in your space including granite countertops as well as stainless steel appliances. It really shouldn’t be the focal point of the space unless you don’t have any of these more luxurious items. It’s just a matter of finding the balance so that the eye goes towards the pieces that you like the most.

Usually this is where you spent the most money. Make the most of your investment just by accessorizing wisely. However accessories are still important to give you a homey touch.

You can try painting the modern artwork. In this case, you really need to have a large canvas. However, if you’re saving money you could just buy several smaller canvases and really push them all together. This is almost going to create a tile kind of effect. You could then just try painting basic pear or apple. You’ll need to add in some shading. It should look realistic. You don’t want it to look country. This allows you to bring in a bright red or green that’s really going to liven up a white and stainless steel kitchen. It’s important that the piece be oversized because this really gives it more importance even if you didn’t take that long to paint it Instead of just the normal fruit basket painting, which is very popular and traditional artwork this is really going to focus a lot more on just one piece of fruit and make it very graphic and bold. If you’re in a pinch you can also find posters that will really have the same kind of design style to it.

You can also really venture into other areas of the store when you shop for contemporary kitchen art to get the perfect match for kitchen wall tile or oak kitchens. A really great option for this is going to be mirrors. This could just be one simple mirror in your breakfast nook. You could just have a very sleek circular design with a white frame around it. You’ll want to make sure that you don’t bring in any competing wood tones that will clash against your cabinetry. However, when you do just have painted cabinetry then it may make a little bit more sense to go with a sleek espresso wood. This can be a little bit expensive if you’re just using the espresso finish on furniture of this type. However, when you just go with it on an accent piece you can save you a ton of money.

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