Corporate Thank You Cards Work

I love classy men. I learned a while ago that a well-dressed man is a well-dressed man because he pays attention to the details. For example, instead of buying regular black socks from a generic designer one might find in a typical low end department store, the well-dressed man will suit up with a pair of luxurious designer socks with some interesting or sophisticated design in the knit. He will wear a well made watch.

He will carefully select his ties and belts. His accessories are just as important if not more important than his actual wardrobe. Because anyone can wear jeans and look half decent if those jeans are coupled with a black button down shirt but add to that a pair of jeans and black button down, some Florsheim shoes, a nice wristwatch, a sharp belt and some detailed socks and you’ve got someone who obviously takes the time to put things together in a scrupulous manner.

I often think the most chic folks are those who look like they’re hosting this week’s Saturday Night Live. I love the black with denim look and that’s the typical wardrobe for the host of the night. It just has real urban appeal. The male hosts look like they smell delicous–crisp with good desinger cologne. As with anything, detail is important. Detail spells class. And thank you notes are classy; corporate thank you cards are one of those things that just seem to exude class and no doubt make a client swoon and brings them client again and again.

Corporate thank you cards are one of those unexpected niceties that go along with my thinking–which is that class is all in the details. Even if a business transaction didn’t go down as was expected, sending corporate thank you cards could change the clients mind. It might help a client reconsider a purchase in the corporation’s favor. Or it could tip the scale toward the coroporation if that client was teetering in the first place. In life as in dressing, the little things matter. The follow-up call, the care package found on one’s doorstep, the arm guiding you on the small of your back, when it was unexpected, those little touches, can persuade a person to look at a situation completely differently.

I have a few almost grown children now and two of them went through a phase recently where they argued and fought about everything. They would come to me asking me to referee between them and it was very tiring. Originally I jumped in and tried my hand at being Solomon for these two girls but after repeated petitions, I grew weary of their pleading for mediation. Finally, I reached a point where I said, “ask yourself, did you behave with love and class toward your sister?” They each claimed that it was the other girl’s fault.

I would just explain that if they had each treated the other with the love and class they would expect to be treated with themself, then they would be at peace with themselves and wouldn’t need me to be constantly intervening. I think after a while, they got the point. They didn’t like it but they knew I was And that’s also my point here. Even if a potential client doesn’t accept a product, sign a contract, even if they don’t become a client at a certain juncture, extending that class–sending corporate thank you cards for their time— is an investment into the future. It speaks volumes of class for the corporation itself. It sends the message that everyone out there is a potential client and hus deserves to be treated with universal respect and with class.

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