Transumbilical Incision Technique In Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries that women have. It is the answer for those who we were not blessed with bigger bosoms. But since the procedure will require making incisions to insert the implants, scars will definitely appear later. So to avoid this, different incision techniques are made to allow the scars to be inconspicuous. This difference in techniques is the reason why there is a variation in the cosmetic surgery prices.

One of the said techniques that may be able to hide the scars is called TUBA or the trans umbilical breast augmentation. It is said to have been developed in the 1990s by Dr. Gerald Johnson so as to avoid making incisions around the breasts.

The procedure is done using a general anesthesia then an incision small enough to insert the deflated roll of breast implants shell. The incision is made at the fold of the skin that overlies the navel so the scar will be less visible as possible. After that an obturator will be used to make a tunnel underneath the skin that will be level to the location of the breast crease.

However, the location of it will differ depending on where the patient wants the implants to be placed. A dissection will be done on the top of the muscle of the loose connective tissue in between the muscle and the breast tissue if the breast implants will be placed under the breast tissue. While the dissection will be done outside the loose connective tissue under the chest muscle if the breast implants will be placed under the chest muscle.

After the implants have been placed, it will be inflated with a saline solution until the desired size has been achieved.  Then the fill tube will be pulled gently as the implants will seal itself automatically. Then the small incision made will be sutured closed and will covered with a dressing. Most of the time surgeons will use the dissolvable kinds.

Breast augmentation recovery timeline for this procedure is a maximum of seven (7) days for the two types of the implants placements and which is definitely shorter than the other kinds of incision techniques. Patients will be able to resume exercising in three (3) weeks and complete healing from the procedure will occur within a year.

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