Top Quality Cloth Diapers (Cloth Nappies) You May Not Have Heard About

There are a ton of great cloth diapers to choose from, online, in catalogs and in stores.  If you do a google search you will find some of the top brands, like BumGenius, Fuzzibunz, Bummis and Bumkins.  These are all great diapers in their own right.  But there are some equally, if not better, ones out there that may be a bit under the radar.  I would like to tell you about some of these.

Continuum Family

If you’re searching for best reviews cloth diapers, you may not dig up Continuum Family on the first page of Google.  Nonetheless, these are top quality natural cloth diapers (cloth nappies).  You can get several different diaper covers, from merino wool to polar fleece.  You can get some top quality unbleached “Indian” prefolds.  Continuum Family has set great standards, with high quality fabrics and stitching.  They are eco-minded, health-minded and even tuned into elimination communication, a practice of “early potty training” in which parent and infants communicate about elimination using cues, timing and intuition.


Thirsties mission is to provide sustainably produced and quality designed diapers that are reasonably affordable.  The idea here is to make cloth diapering accessible.  Thirsties have certainly stayed true to their mission.  All of their products are USA-made, and they do not skimp on the fabrics.  Everything is top quality.  We used their waterproof covers when our daughter was an infant.  We were big fans.  They contained moisture, fit well and were very cute actually.  I highly recommend their covers.


Swaddlebees makes everything from all-in-ones (AIOs) to accessories like wipes, changing pads and wet bags.  We are big fans of their 100% cotton wipes.  So soft.  Their AIOs are also really nice.  The Mini Napi, for example is a great AIO that can also double as a pocket diaper if you use an insert.  It has an organic cotton inner layer and a waterproof outer layer of PUL (synthetic).  They have snapping and hook-and-loop fastening options, so you have lots of choices with Swaddlebees.  Like Thirsties, Swaddlebees touts their USA-made products, although when supply is low, they get some fabrics from Turkey.  The best thing about Swaddlebees is their fit.  They seem to be some of the best fitting cloth diapers around.  There’s not a lot of bulk or sagging.  After using prefolds, which can be more cumbersome, Swaddlebees are a great change.

These three companies are three of my top selections of “lesser known” cloth diaper makers.  Being lesser known certainly does not imply a sacrifice of quality.  On the contrary, these three companies make great products that stand up to any of the most popular brands.

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