Old Versus New – Using Coupons For Huggies Diapers Is A New Way To Save

Coupons for Huggies diapers help to minimize the toll that regular diaper purchases take on family budgets. Hence, they are warmly welcomed by families with babies who are still heavily dependent on diapers.

In the “good” old days, before disposable diapers were widely available, babies used to wear diapers made of cloth. Once babies soiled these diapers, they were removed and soaked in water before ultimately being washed. They would be washed by hand or by machine, whichever particular method was accessible or convenient.

Diapers of this kind were cheaper than today’s disposable diapers in the sense that one did not have to dispose of them and replace them with new ones, but they created an immense amount of work, typically for the mothers of the babies. At the same time, diapers of this kind were expensive in a different way: the water, detergent and electricity that were necessary to wash them and render them acceptable for reuse all cost money. Furthermore, the entire process used up a significant amount of time. One could also argue that washing the diapers exacted a heavy cost on the environment.

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Comparing the present times to the past times, it is inescapable: using disposable diapers costs more money than using non-disposable diapers. However, it brings with it a great amount of convenience, making life much easier for parents and their young children. Arguably, disposable diapers are also better for babies’ skin. This is because the diapers are made of superabsorbent material that pulls moisture away from the skin. Babies are therefore less likely to develop diaper rash while wearing the disposable diapers than they are to develop it while wearing the non-disposable diapers.

Given the advantages of using disposable diapers over those of using non-disposable diapers, it is not a surprise that women in industrialized nations aren’t running back to the old ways en masse. A few women opt to adopt the old ways because they want to minimize their children’s exposure to harsh chemicals and the damage that dumping disposable diapers poses to the environment. However, these women are a minority. The majority of women are glad to buy Huggies and to minimize their expenses by using Huggies coupons.

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