How To Use The Cricut Cake Machine In Producing Fondant

Do you believe the the Cricut Cake machine can produce beautiful and colorful fondants? Believe it or not, this kind of Cricut die cutting machine absolutely creates different styles of fondants for cake decorations. This machine does not only produce fondants but also letterings and other cake designs.

You will learn how to use this cheap Cricut cake decorating device. This could give you the chance to create fabulous cakes designed in a very interesting look.

Start the process of producing fondants for the cake by kneading the fondant. Ensure that it is pliable perfectly before you roll it out. Choose the color you desire that matches or gives accents to the cake. You can use a rolling pin, ether fondant or silicone, to get the desired result of how thin it should be. Add shortening on the surface when you roll to avoid sticking it. You also add shortening to the surface of the mat of your Cricut Cake machine. Put the rolled fondant you made over the mat. For perfection, cut the excess of the fondant. Make sure that you have the right size of the mat before you putting it together with the fondant in the refrigerator.

After freezing, you select the desired pattern of fondant you want for your cake as you place the fondant in the machine. Let the machine prints and cut the fondants you create. Do the same for the fondant shapes. Freeze them in the refrigerator and cut afterwards. You use frosting or even water to stick the fondant you made to the cake.

Designing cakes, cupcakes and cookies with fondants are made easier using this Cricut Cake machine. You are able to design cakes within quick minutes if you rely on using this cool device. This is probably the answer to your need when it comes to decorating cakes.

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