Three Reasons To Cruise From Baltimore

Planning a cruise can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the idea of cruising.  To make things easier on you, keep Baltimore in mind as your port of departure.  Baltimore boasts cruising schedules that cover the whole year, and it’s easy to get to from many large cities.  It is also home to two large cruise lines that provide passengers a good selection of cruise destinations and trip schedules.

Weekly Travel Throughout The Year

Being centrally located on the East Coast, Baltimore offers cruise passengers a wide array of scheduling options.  For those that want to stay more local, you can sail through the Chesapeake Bay in the summer.  Or if you prefer more tropical destinations, Bermuda and the Caribbean are also available for travel through most of the year.

Quick To Get To

Avid cruise goers know that you need to pick a port of departure that doesn’t take long to get to.  For many people along the East Coast, Baltimore is just that place.  Being within quick driving distance of places like Delaware, DC, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania makes Baltimore a good choice from which to depart especially when compared to scheduling cruises from Bayonne NJ.

Top Cruise Lines And Destinations

Because Baltimore’s port is large enough to handle larger cruise ships, both Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises are able to depart from here.  Carnival Cruises offers departure to the Caribbean islands, as does Royal Caribbean.  Royal Caribbean also departs for Bermuda from Baltimore.  American Cruise Lines has smaller ships that can take passengers around the Chesapeake Bay.

Taking cruises from Baltimore is a wonderful choice for your next cruise vacation.  Being able to sail virtually year round is a big advantage.  Having fast access from large metropolitan cities means more people have the option to cruise.  And being able to choose from smaller or larger ships and an abundance of scheduled cruises makes Baltimore a top pick for departure ports.

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