Fancy or Simple – Curtain Rods are the Ideal Match to Any Window Draperies

Until a few years back, curtain rods have been played down a lot. But, not anymore! With the use of button-down draperies and designs, rods for curtains are now given more prominence. Whether you want one that is modern or traditional in design, may it be made of metal or wood, you’ll surely find one that will suit your taste.

You can spot wooden drapery curtain rods made of oak and handsomely finished to emphasize the wood grain. Wooden drapery rods are also available in mahogany, beech, cherry, walnut, maple and teak. If your room has a classical theme, perhaps you could consider gilt wax or the burgundy model as an additional option in wood preference.

The metal curtain rods, on the other hand, offer quite a wide selection. From solid brass, graphite with brass, chrome and brushed chrome that come in a variety of finishes, you are sure to end up with one that will utterly satisfy your taste and décor requirements. The bohemian style rods are best for drapes that are not too bulky. They come with ornately-designed finials which make them particularly striking.

The selection of rod finials available on the market is vast and wide. Whether you choose delicate or bold, they will make a fine addition in any room. They are available in acorn, ribbed, urn, reeded and pearl-drop patterns. They are so attractive that you’ll want to consider them as a separate display apart from your draperies.

Drapery rods usually come with wall brackets, rings and finials. These components can be adjusted to fit your exact window dimensions. Some of them include channels and gliders that provide smoother movement, while other models come with pulls. Fancily designed drapery rods will greatly enhance looped curtains. Another way to proudly display exquisite curtain drapery rods is to hang them unto decorative rings.

Skilled craftsmen and designers seem to never run out of ideas when it comes to window art. Curtains and rods are an impressive way to make a statement. It can be expressed in flamboyant luxury or quiet elegance.

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