Taking Measurements For Your Custom Fabric Roman Shades

When getting custom fabric roman shades made, measurements are essential to getting a perfect fit on your windows. Here are some tips when taking the measurements that you will be sending to your roman shades manufacturer.

It is essential that you use the correct instrument. Homeowners commonly use a fabric tape measure, but it would be better to use a steel tape measure. A fabric tape measure is more difficult to keep in place and can lead to errors in measurements. A steel tape measure will be easier to use and will decrease the chances of getting wrong measurements.

Next, remember to measure all your windows individually. Even if all of your windows are of the same type, size, and shape there can still be small differences in the measurements. These differences can define whether or not your fabric roman shades will be functional. Take the measurements of each window, and make sure to label which window corresponds to which measurements to avoid confusion and mistakes.

Determine whether you will be installing your fabric roman shades on the inside or outside of the window casing. If you are installing exterior shades or solar shades, it is best to submit to your window treatment manufacturer the measurements of the window casing to the nearest eighth of an inch so that the unit can cover all of the space around the window. For interior fabric shades, submit measurements to the nearest eighth of an inch as well, but measuring only the inside of the window opening. Generally for interior shades the measurements are smaller, while exterior shades will need to have more space covered.

When measuring your window, always take measurements in three places. For the width of the window, measure at the top, bottom, and middle of the window opening. For the height of the window, measure the left edge, the right edge, and the middle of the window opening. This is in consideration of the fact that your window might not be totally symmetrical, and this helps your fabric window shades manufacturer to make a unit that is a perfect fit to your window.

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