Custom Silicone Wristbands – A Cheap Way To Get Your Message Out.

What can you choose when you want something that catch the eye of the public, go viral and be seen on just about everyone. Why, you would turn to custom silicone wristbands.

They are fast becoming a wonderful way to get your message across, a way to advertise as it were almost anything. It can almost be better that word of mouth – word of wrist perhaps.

These wristbands/bracelets are being used for all sorts of awareness raising activities such as give aways at trade fairs, at fund raising events or simply as a business promotion. These promotional items seem to have taken the place of the promotional key chains that were used to great effect not too long ago.

So, who is it really using these innocuous little things that everybody (well not quite but it seems close enough) is wearing? Mostly it seems that it is non profit organizations that are using them and getting most of the benefits. They use them because they are cheap and can be ‘sold’ for a healthy profit.

Although it seems that every single one of these rubber band bracelets are customized, they are not really. There are only three types that you can purchase.

First there is debossed. This means that the message in recessed down so that the wristband itself is higher than the letters. This is very reasonable in cost.

Second is embossed. This where the lettering is raised above the wristband itself. This is the most expensive to make and hence more expensive to buy.

Lastly is printed. The message is printed onto the wristband and pentrates into the silicone via a silk screening process. The ink will last the life of the bracelet and won’t typically crack or peel off.

Some of these bracelets can look so good with color and message that they might even go with cushion cut engagement rings.

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