How To Find Deals On Utility Trailers For Sale

When I was a young teenager I had several lawn mowing jobs that required the use of a utility trailer to haul my equipment in. This utility trailer was very old and homemade, but it sure served its purpose well. My father used it for hauling lumber, dirt for our garden, and the junk for the neighbors. It was as good or better than having a pick up truck.

If you’re in the market looking at utility trailers for sale, you are starting out right by looking online for the best possible utility trailer to serve your needs. You may even be considering renting one which is a viable option if you are only an occasional user.  Conversely, if you have a lot of project going on and you are renting either a pickup truck or a trailer a few times a month, then purchasing a trailer makes sense.

Where To Find The Best Utility Trailers For Sale

There are so many great utility trailer manufactures.  Many of them are small local operations that specialize in custom built trailers.  If you can find a used custom built trailer, grab it while you have a chance.  Finding parts for custom or off-brand trailers is not an issue since most use standardized parts that are readily available.  There are the big name companies like Big Tex Trailers that have dealerships across the country.  Personally, I like to stick with companies like these because they have great customer service and the resell value is very high.  If you are looking for used enclosed cargo trailers for sale, be sure to check local listings like Craigslist.

3 Popular Utility Trailers

Open Utility Trailers

The open style is very popular because they are inexpensive to manufacture and you can find bargains on them.  Some of these are open on top, but have steel or wood rails on the sides to keep your valuables intact.  They are very popular with small landscaping companies.  These are great for the weekend warriors who have home projects.  They can easily be stored in a shed, in the driveway, or back yard.

Enclosed Utility Trailers

These are luxury liners of cargo trailers.  Most are manufactured with aircraft quality fabrication techniques to withstand the daily abuse that they will be given.  Encl0sed cargo trailers are your best bet for safely securing your items from thieves and bad weather.

Small Utility Trailers

These are some of the coolest inventions.  They are like have a BBQ pit or ice chest on wheels.  Yes, they are small, but are so functional.  Some have complete tents that can be set up in minutes and actually become a mini pop up trailer.  What I really like are the small motorcycle trailers that people have converted to pull behind small cars.  They come equipped with coolers and tents.

How To Score Deals On Utility Trailers For Sale

You may be able to find the best deals locally if you shop Craigslist used camping utility trailers for sale.  There are a lot of people who bought something with the intention of using it every week and then they lost interest.  Their loss will become your gain.    If you have not been shopping on eBay, give them a try.  Even if something is purchased at a distance, usually the attractive price will make it worthwhile.

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