You Need Decent Ice Auger Blades

That’s what the experts say if you’re going to take up ice fishing, you’re going to need a decent set of ice auger blades. One such “decent” set of ice auger blades are the Eskimo brand – I suppose that name is fitting, but hardly politically correct. Anyway, this particular set of replacement blades is retailing on Amazon for around $27. Not expensive at all. It also appears that attaching them to the auger is a piece of cake. The product is retailed with four new screws, so you can throw the old screws out. If you’re an ice fishing person that uses one of the many electric ice augers on the market, Eskimo has a few power auger replacement blades for electric ice augers as well. People, who are hell-bent on saving a few dollars and purchase cheap, shoddy ice auger blades, can expect to spend extra hours trying to cut their ice hole. Cheap blades are often made from cheap materials that, under pressure, may warp or worse – break. It is important to remember the auger has to cut through thick ice to get to the water beneath. Penny-pinching when it comes to purchasing electric ice augers too, is silly.

Listen to the advice of experts. This advice doesn’t necessary have to come from fishing store staff, indeed the old-time ice fisherman will, no doubt, be able to give you the advice you need to buy a decent set of ice auger blades or recommend one of the more reliable electric ice augers on the market these days. It is doubtful, however, that any of these “old timers” of the ice fishing world, would use any of the electric ice augers. These men, and sometimes women, would more than likely prefer a manually operated auger. I’m sure they even enjoy changing the ice auger blades every now and then. So before you shell out large amounts of money, consult an expert.

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