Choosing The Right Patio Lighting

When it comes to creating a comfortable and more relaxing outdoor living space, exterior lighting can be an attractive step to take. There are so many options available for patio and deck lighting that with a well-thought plan, you can create the perfect balance of night time privacy and lighting to greatly enhance your outdoor living space.

Spot lights can be added to provide focus on specific areas of the patio, typically behind or near adjacent shrubs to add subtle lighting. Floods light are designed for a much larger area, usually when there will be a large group gathering that will require additional lighting. Wall lights can be added to the house where the deck connects to the main home to offer more lighting choices.

The deck rail and balustrades can hold light fixtures for that specific purpose to create an illuminated outline of the patio. There are also fun lighting fixtures as well as theme lights that can help add character to your deck and patio and while they may be fun, remember most of them will be hard wired making it difficult to remove or replace later on when you change your mind.

If you have a sidewalk to or around your patio, you might look into deck lighting built into the floor or paving stones, the type typically used to mark the driveway, to outline the walkway. Rope lighting, also known as string lighting, can be used on steps or around the edge of your deck to add color to your outside space and patio umbrella lights add a holiday resort look.

Outdoor ponds are fun to look at and adding lighting, either around or even in the water, can create a relaxing atmosphere. Be careful with pond lights as water and electricity do not mix well. There are many waterproof fixtures available to help the do-it-yourselfer safely install underwater lighting in ponds and pools.

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