Substitutes For Decorative Storage Boxes Lids

Decorative storage boxes are the perfect storage system if you want to keep your stuff organized but do not want piles of ugly boxes to cramp the style of your home. They can save you space and save you a lot of stress when you are looking for something specific, and can also make your room more stylish and bright. For decorative storage boxes lids are essential because they keep everything inside organized and safe. If you have a decorative storage box that has no lid, do not fear. There are some alternatives that you can substitute for it.

For boxes that have no heavy contents, you can get construction paper or any other kind of heavy paper and use it as a cover for your box. Get a piece of construction paper that is bigger than the opening of the storage box. Using a pair of scissors, cut slits into the corners of the paper. Fold the edges and tape the corners together so you can create the shape of a lid with the paper. Because paper is very versatile, you can decorate the paper any way you want. Just try not to apply too many decorative items on it so you do not make it too heavy. Try to stick to coloring materials for decorating.

You can also substitute decorative storage boxes lids with sheets of cardboard. If the storage box you are using now does  not have flaps or if its flaps are broken, you can just get yourself a separate piece of cardboard and fashion it into a lid in the same way. The advantage of using cardboard instead of heavy paper is that you can decorate it with more stuff and it is also sturdier.

Another substitute for the lid of a decorative storage box is a plastic lid. You can get these from old plastic storage boxes that are already damaged. The advantage of plastic is that it is waterproof and very sturdy. However, it may be difficult for you to decorate it since it will not adhere well to glue.

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