The Decorative Styles available for Today’s Wall Mirrors

There are a few items that are considered to be wall decorations that are not usually classified as art pieces. A clock can be used as ornamentation on a wall as can a large mirror. A decorative wall mirror can come in a lot of different styles and sizes to fit in with all types of room settings including living rooms and bedrooms. Many of the decorative styles will have the mirrored surface set within an artistically designed frame. The various designs used to create wall mirrors range from extremely baroque styles to the modern mirrored panels.

When selecting a particular style of framed mirror you want to have the piece be along the same style as the other furnishings in the room. This is especially true for very large mirrors that can be as long as a three piece sectional sofa. A very ornate style of frame on a mirror will work in a room that has period style furnishings. A wrought iron frame in black can be used for a Spanish designed room or even a modern one that uses black and chrome in the design. For people looking for a retro style of mirror there are several pieces that have an art deco type of frame.

A decorative mirror can also be used in a bathroom where there is not a cabinet with an outside mirror already on it. You can also use some of the smaller sizes to be accents in small areas such as a corner of a room. The white wicker round mirror makes a nice corner accent when placed across from a white wicker plant stand. Some wall mirrors come in sets that combine both small and large sizes into one complete grouping. This design can also be used in a contemporary room with lots of chrome.

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