Four Delicious Mascarpone Desserts

Mascarpone is not only the main ingredient of the original tiramisu recipe, it can be used in dozens of different ways. Here are four super-quick desserts, no baking, just few basic ingredients and you’ll be done in ten minutes. All ingredients are for four people so keep four ramekins or dessert cups ready, and keep in the fridge for three  hours before serving.

Mascarpone and Nutella cream

300gr mascarpone
70gr ricotta
100gr icing sugar
1 cup of coffee
100gr Nutella spread
70gr ground hazelnuts

In a large bowl, work together mascarpone and ricotta until softer. Add the sugar and the coffee and mix for a couple of minutes, then add Nutella spread until you get a smooth mix. Sprinkle the top with ground hazelnuts.

Cocoa and Mascarpone cream
200gr ricotta
200gr mascarpone
2 tbsp sugar
50gr dark chocolate, flaked
2 tbsp bitter cocoa powder

With a whip mix all the ingredients except for the cocoa powder, until you get a smooth and soft cream. Sprinkle with cocoa powder.

Coffee Cream Cups
400gr very cold mascarpone
1 cup espresso coffee
50gr icing sugar
2 tbsp coffee-based liqueur
50gr dark chocolate
8 savoiardi biscuits

Work the mascarpone with the sugar, than add the coffee and stir until well mixed. Add the liqueur and finish mixing. Serve with two savoiardi in each cup.

Fabrizio’s Dessert
2 eggs
100gr mascarpone
200gr chestnut jam
4 tbsp sugar
50gr amaretti (almond flavored macaroons)
1 tbsp Amaretto di Saronno (almond flavored Italian liqueur)
Whipped cream to decorate

Crumble the macaroons and pour the liqueur on them. Mix the eggs with the sugar until you get a foamy and increased in size mix. Using a wooden spoon, add the mascarpone and mix until blended, then add the jam and the crumbles and mix until completely smooth. Add whipped cream on top before serving.

But if you still want to use mascarpone the normal way, then try this classic tiramisu recipe.

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